Ramen Kuroda

Want some fantastic Japanese noodles, honey?

Oh yeah, highly recommended!

Come and visit Ramen Kuroda at Lucky Chinatown Mall here in Binondo, Manila.

The noodles are firm and long. And the budget is affordable. One noodle bowl is enough for craving.

Photo of the moment. Aka Ramen with Gyudon and fruit bowl set of P360.

I guess it became a habit that every pay day is friendship day. And in every pay day, another pile of food expenses that need to be settle. Lol. #friendshipgoals


Tell me your order.


Just showing you some condiments.

While they're busy..

Ok guys!

I'm a kind of satisfied with my phone camera that all my photos are natural. No edit and stuff. It's sometimes not good enough. But it's nice to be perfectly imperfect.

Kuro Ramen P180
Recommended! The Classic Ramen featuring special garlic oil and a delicate tonkutso broth created from a secret recipe.

Aka Ramen P180
It's the perfect spiciness in this dish. 
Enjoy your fill of this piquant tonkotso soup

Katsudon P220

Let's us all eat!

Ramen Kuroda located in 3/F Lucky Chinatown Mall, Reina Regente St., Binondo, Manila

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