Cafe Mary Grace

You want something sweet and girlish treat? Grab your female friends here in Cafe Mary Grace.

The ambiance is exactly what girls want. Stuffed toys and mini chairs framing in a corner where you can take a selfie on it. But of course, I didn't try.

The crew so friendly and accommodating. They just wait and won't bother your chit chat and selfie-ing with your friends until you recover from reality that they're waiting for you to order. Haha!

Welcome to the story.

The Humble Beginning

The flower vase made of shells

Actually, the whole ambiance is very nice you wanna fall in love with. Exactly a good restaurant for the lovers.

Reflection of my dry-frizzy hair

Wtf, tummy fighter? 

It took a decade for me to decide what to eat, yeah. So expensive hehe. Water pls.

Actually, you can't decide by looking on it.

Everything seems so unfair. 
I want it all!!!! Lol.

Order done.

Mary Grace Caesar Salad-P342.

Dory and Saffron Cream Pasta-P298

Spanish Sardines @ Olives Pasta-P298

Black Velvet Slice Cake- P298

Chocolate Mousse-P110

Some refr

Peach - P90

Iced Mocha- P175

Everything seems so sweet and perfect. So if you're searching for a dating place, this one I highly recommended.

That's for a good dinner.
Until next time, guys.

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