A-Food-Able To Go

Wanted to go out with friends while having a food fun without murdering your pocket?

Here we go, guys! We have a bucket list.

Bon Chon.
Chicken fans! Their chicken was so nice, crunchy, sweet and spicy! Oh it explode on my tongue. Very affordable. Budget P100

After the battle in the office. Tired faces.

Yey! Food is served.

Bet your P100 to this crunchy spicy stuff?

The Chicken Burger. Perfectly crunchy.

This spicy caramelly chicken is a bomb.


Don't be afraid. P100 will go down well on your tummy without constipation. Lol.

Priceless moment with friends.

Thumbs up Goldilocks!

A piece of pork barbeque and drinks is P100


Crave no more! Without worries.

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