Citihomes Resortville

It was a very late post, please bear. Lol.

It's summer still and it's April 17! It's John Alexander's 11th birthday celebration.

I was so busy during that day planning and gathering for things to be done cooking. Bad english eh?

See how fast days fly my little son is now half for teenage life soon. OMG!

We went for swimming celebration and Kuya Alek told me that this time was the happiest birthday of his life. Ohhh...

I like to say that the place was nice and simple. With one large pool and one kiddie pool with a slide. I think this one is much remembering because I've gather my own family on this moment we had so much private-bonding time. Come try to visit if you want cheap, clean and nice place to swim. The name of resort is Citihomes Resortville located in Dasmarinas, Cavite. Actually, it's part of the subdivision's amenities.

Entrance is P50 (adult) for member (resident) , P25 (kids) member. P75 (adult) for non-member, P30 (kids) non-member. Mushroom cottage P300, table only with 4 chairs P100. Very cheap!!! Yesss!

photo for the moment:
Happy Birthday, my son!

If you're interested, the place was very accessible. From Dasma Municipal Hall, go to Red Ribbon store and you can find some tricycles just tell them Citihomes swimming pool then you are charged for P50 one way ride. On the way to the said resort, the view was so green and quite just like you're in the province. :)

We're there earlier at 7AM. The resort open everyday by 8AM. 

The still sleepy folks.

Alexander was very excited to swim as he saw the blue pool.

JB doesn't know what's happening. Lol.

She care to sleep.

Start photo session of Alek. He's complaining why too much picture taking.



Chocolates and stuff.

Blowing the candle. 


Nah! Not yet Syd! You're only 4.

Some food to eat.
Pancit Bihon for long life.


The spicy chicken

Lumpiang Siomai

And some pork barbeque to grill.

Everything was yummy because I did all the cooking. 


She's so excited she wanna swim but it's 7feet and it's very deep.


And Alek.

After this, he drove off his ass to the kiddie pool and was there from 9AM to 3PM. His skin turned so brown.

See how he was burned. Haha!

So poor he was so hungry he almost forgot to eat.

Random shots of Sydney.

#jumpshot of Syd

#jumpshot 2

J.O with Granny friend.

Swimming time.
JB on her 2 piece. Very cute!

With her charming smile.

Let us make some story. A corny story.

JB's Lotion.

"I need some lotion to protect my skin"

" Did you hear me right? I said I need some lotion"

" Nah! What potion? Lotion not potion!"

"Ok, no more argument. I'll keep this one."

"It'll be better to safe my lotion so no one can use ever."

"Yeah, I think it's safe now. But uh, where is it?

"Oh em gee! The lotion was gone!!" (panicking)

"Wow! It's totally gone. Magic! Like a rabbit." (lol)

"Really, where did it go? So sad."

"Huh! someone steal it!! Heyyy!! "

Very crunchy! That's why it's corny! Lol.

End of short story.

Now, let us really swim.

Alek on the spot.

Alek again.

And again...

Once more, that's is why he came so tan.

The 'lil girl didn't bother.

But J.O and granny was all enjoying.


Where's Sydney by the way?

She also didn't bother much to swim. Maybe twice. She choose to eat and took some selfie.

I think it's enough.

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