Talking To a Black Dick!

I knew not all woman have experienced talking to a black dick. I never assumed nor expected I can talked and worst had a lousy fight over the dirty-black-dick!

Oh man! I am sure you and everyone else will puke after this non-sense topic.

Well, this was started when I felt so bored and realized that everything meant to be end. That was it! I told the illegitimate man like this:

"In the option I have right now, at least one person will get hurt. There's no perfect solution, only best option. Let's have closure. You don't have a daughter. Forget her. I don't know you. You never knew us. Thanks for all the wrong thoughts, failed dreams, and fake memories. God bless you, Sydon."

But it's so true, I expected he won't never bother to move his fingers and wrote his own self-centered SMS. Because I never failed got a NR (No Reaction) from this very illegitimate man when I am trying my best to get connected over the rights of my own daughter, or I mean "OUR" daughter.

But then, he text back:

"Whatever is your plan over my daughter I cannot hold you back but time will tell, if you are loosing patient and plan to deny access to my daughter up to you, if I survive my predicaments the water must flow on it's rood, I advice to stop that treat (maybe he means "threat",why am I a threat, when and how? Moron!) and pray for me I won't forsake my daughter, that child is my blood, *some text missing*

What the hell are you talking, man? Since from the start you never been a "Calendar Dad". What I mean for you to understand, you should know your obligations. define it! Stupid! I don't need to bother by reminding you. By the way, maybe you forgot or memory gaps already because you're an old man already. Maybe you need a brain vitamins instead of cock vitamins because you we're too good on that!

I never answer his message but the lousy old black man sent a lousy fuckable message again!

"Bear you in mind that I still have my plans for my daughter, if you through (maybe this man is so stupid in defining a right word, eh? Wrong spelled, moron! It's not through, it's throw. Stupid! Strike two!) her into street on the cultural illicit life of Philippines young girls life, you have a query to answer from god, and her counter suffering will be on your head, that is my child I have plans for her this is still morning in her upbringing, so *some text missing*

What a fuckable and shit-able message I have received in my whole life! Why, what are your very vulnerable plans for my daughter? That was almost two old years of lies, Sydon. Don't act like a goddamn innocent! You knew what the truth is. But I doubt you can't see any single truth of your words because you enjoyed too much lies. And why you fucking dragged our country huh? Why can't you see yourself, your own moral dirt? Actually, you can't understand what I am saying right now. You're a self-preacher of lies yourself!

So, I wasted my time by texting him back.

"Are you defining yourself? Since from the day she was born you never shake a milk for her or change her diaper. Don't wash your dirty words over my face. She won't need a coward."

After a few minuted he said: " Ok, up to you."

Huh? What kind of man is this? Then I replied:

"Yes, it's all up to me. How can you face yourself in the mirror knowing you have neglected your own blood? Your plans was drawn in the water. You're a living liar. Now you faced your own karma."

I thought he will realized how wrong he was since two years from now. But the self - appraised Sydon replied like a sitting king on his own bowl of shit.

"After laughing at me you also laugh yourself...karma...You really think my life is worse ok no wahala ( what the shit you talking,Sydon? I don't have any local dictionary to define how worst are you!) gather the kids if you like you sell, but bet me I must be *some text missing*

Hey, bitch! Come on define the word "wahala" because even the most credible online dictionary can't tell. See.

No results found for wahala:
Did you mean Whala?

Ok, I am not stupid like what you're thinking, Sydon. It was you're local words. Now go back to the jungle where you really belong!

This is my final message to the late Sydney Uche Nwabara. Rest in Peace!

" I am not a worst person like you. I knew my responsibility. How abut you? Don't wank too much coz your brain drained already. I can't believe you act like a 6th grader."

That was done. See how I shared some useless thoughts. Hope you suffered annoyance too.

Any fool can be a Father, but it takes a real man to be a Daddy!!
--Philip Whitmore Snr

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