Sana darating din ang pagkakataon
Upang mahalin ka sa tamang panahon
Wala ng pagbabago sa mga desisyon
Buong loob, pag-ibig mong inspirasyon.

Saan hinuhugot taglay mong loob?
Dakilang pag-ibig, alay walang kapalit.
Minsan sa buhay kailangan manaig.
Paninindigan minsan sadyang kay pait.

Walang taong tanga sadya lang dakila.
Puso pinaiiral di baleng mag-isa.
Makita lamang na ika'y masaya.
Pilit lunukin luhang saki'y nakabara.

Tanging hiling nawa maintindihan.
Mundong malikot walang kasiguruhan.
Minsan lamang sa buhay na hiram.
Pagtigil ng tibok, kapayapaan makakamtan.


Can't Help Falling In Love

You know, the truth is I'm scared to love.
Because in love, nothing is certain.
Isn't it scary when you're not certain
About something?

But when I met you I realized,
That it's scarier to choose not to love.
Because the truth is, I don't need to be sure.
As long as you're with me, I'm okay.

That's why I promise you,
Starting today and for the rest of my days,
I will love you...
Without a fear.

I will take your hand,
And I will hold on to you tight.
And we will jump together,
And face the world together.

I will love you,
Whoever you are now.
And whoever you will become.
Until death, do us apart.




I really don't know how it goes.
The feeling so strong I can't compose.
I'm so high I'm lost for words.
Even a poet has nothing to diagnose.

You help me grow like beautiful rose.
Blooms in the sunshine made it boost.
How come your magic never lose?
You own my heart tight closed.

Yet sometimes you drove me off.
Acting so weird extremely cold
How come you loved and told.
If you hurt me so damn bold.

I'd realized life so fucking short.
To cry but nothing to hold.
Honey, above all this feeling goes.
I love you made me over dozed.


Needs to crushed my heart so the last drop of each word contains how I felt....

By: VilvePoem


Letter To My Future Spouse

Sometimes loving you brought me tears
A kind of feeling no one cares
Might seen me smiling sparkling wide
Trying to hide the emptiness inside.

Thoughts on my head battling hard
Reasons might happened sometimes bad
Trust gone running on finish line
Anxiety and doubts tasted like old wine.

Loving you is just a fleeting thing
But forgiving is life happiness can bring
Honey, you're not God's perfect frame
I loved you no one can blame.

Happiness will gonna find our way
My best friend, my soulmate come stay
I won't ever never give you up
Destiny is what brought us back.


You bring the fighter in me.


Goodbye, May. Hello, June.

No matter how much I try,
It seems satisfaction can not comply.
So I decided to go my way,
Rather than begging you to stay.

I don't want to lose you baby,
The pain will go and sway.
Blinking back the tears maybe,
It'll ease the aching part someday.

I still believe in our destiny,
Ignoring deepest scar of sincerity.
Why can not love me in honesty?
Every lie seems your mastery.

 I love you so true, honey.
I'll let you go your way.
The sun will kissed the bay,
As it goodbye will not betray.



Kuya J Restaurant

Have you ever got someone to treat you a 100% for free? That friend of yours, trying to find time just to spend some moments with you. Even there are times you have to refuse because you owe a lot from them? 

Yet still, they got you no matter what happened etc. It's hard to find them. But I am too lucky to have it.

Her name is Sally. A true friend thru thick n thin.
I am the thick, obviously she's the thin. Lmao.

 What's up doc? lol.

She invited me for a dinner in Kuya J! Another virginal experience. Yup, it's kinda nice going to a place new to me. Haha!

Pabebe mode.

I've got nothing to contribute (as usual). I've got pictures to share for the memories, instead.

Hungriness to the highest level.

But still....

Patience is a virtue. 

The best among the rest! Lechon Kawali!

A must try! It's their best seller.

Milk fish soup in tamarind. Asim kilig!

The Dynamite.
 Green chili with sausage and cheese inside. Beware! 
Too hot and cheesy to handle like me. Lol.

Everything above is too awesome for $20.

Affordable or what? Dunno. Sally is it?

Her: Just eat. There is no next time. 


Feel at home guys!

It's only here at Kuya J Restaurant.


Treasures of Bolinao Beach Resort And Hotel

Hello, summer! Another year round but this time no skin tanning because there's no island hopping and no banana boat ride.

Don't be sad. Not really frustrating because the place and the food is fairly awesome.

Every year we got this company outing yet this time it'll be 8 freaking hours land travel. We left Manila by 3:40 am still sleepy and excited the same time.

Here we go, Pangasinan my virginal trip begins. Yes, my first time to visit this place.

Photo of the moment

The highlight moment to make you feel my fats. Lol.

DAY ONE 4/1/2017
Showing you some farm land along the way

The beautiful rice field.

With special buddy, Ifi.

She's more crazier and funny, love her!

Treasures of Bolinao
 Beach Resort and Hotel
Location: Patar, Bolinao Pangasinan
The reception area.


The heart-shaped pool for adults

Kiddie pool

The silhouette of me. Lol.

With Shierly and Karen.

The resort's food is very nice. The staff and crew are accomodating so far. During that time, incident happened that massive black out from lunch up to 7 in the evening, no water too that's kinda frustrating yet everything is still awesome.

If you are a beach fanatic this place is highly recommended. The waves are too strong nice for wake boarders.


Beautiful nature

Sit just right there. Deeper if you move further. 
The rock formation are awesome!

Very nice eh?

Who says sunsets are addictive?

 Well, count me in. Falling in love is like sunsets. You found the beauty and comfort in one.

I ask God every day of my life,
That waiting will be over, right?

Soon we be going to catch each other
Feel your skin burned yet we don't bother

As long as I've got you
No more sad sunset in view.

Showing you the clear water

DAY TWO 4/2/2017
Early as 6:00 am.

Myself as a kid. Lmao.

Hiding k!

My apology guys! Hehe.


With Lory

With Ifi, tnx for crazy-funny moments!

Trying to kiss me?! Lol.

With Jen, Lory, Rachel, Ifi, Kim and Shierly

Unitop peeps

The awesomeness of the clouds

Checking out!
Going back to Manila and anticipating for another 8 hours land travel

Thoughts of you...


St. James the Great Parish Church

Street decor 

Another street decor.

Have you ever seen a yellow watermelon?

Looks like papaya. Nope, it's watermelon!

Who wants some dried fish?

Or what about a dried face? Haha!

Sweet corn to you all! P20 each.

 'Till here only!


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