A New Seed

I am travelling into a different life.
A life I never imagined.
I was confused.
I was scared.
But then again, this crystal tear,
made me braver.

Now I was overwhelmed.
A life that could make me change.
To hold and to trust.
Faith that made me strange.

Yes, this wasn't me anymore.
For little one that give me a new hope.
A life that I could dear.
Simple happiness that was so sincere.

Looking into the bright side.
A rainbow that I could spell it right.
Hope to spread it wings,
For a new joy that life could bring.

~the new jenny

On my new journey

** Last August post! Later after the battle of joy begins. Thanks for the freedom, Lord.
I have realized that life so beautiful when you learn to loved the most simple and humble way. Amen. 


My New Pet, JJ!

Yesterday, I went to Quiapo, Manila to buy some stuff and bought some food to eat. While I was walking down the busy streets, some cuteness captured my sight. It's rabbit!

It was placed on a large selling basket together with other rabbits on a different color like white, brown and gray. And bought one gray color  male little thing.

He had no cage yet later soon I will buy him. I named him JJ! At first, he was so shy and always crumpled on dark side of my bed. But after hugging and kissing him, he was comfortable walking around my bed. Apparently shit and peed the same time wtf! His shit looks so tiny, dry and odorless but his pee was a foul smell. He was cute but stubborn because he chewed my tiny radio cable wtf! He was absolutely impish!

Here some photo of JJ the great.

Feeling comfy on my bed.

"First dinner with my mome!" - JJ :)

He was so cute nomming some beans.

On her carrots after finishing the beans.

"Ei, what's that, mome?" - JJ
Some Jolly fries for you, baby!" - me

nom nom nom

The morning we both woke up was worrying me because if I leave JJ home alone, he might be starving. So I put him on my bag and brought him to office. He was so happy jumping around my table and started chewing some documents wtf! So I grabbed him back to my drawer. He slept later. -_-

JJ on his office trip. Lol.

Busy rabbit.

Sniffing some office stuff.

That's all for JJ! He needs to sleep so bye guys!


Southwest Monsoon

August 7 and 8, 2012 one of the most unforgettable tragic moments in the Philippine history. The torrential rain had caused the whole Manila into flood, there is no typhoon but due to Southwest Monsoon almost left many families homeless and devastated with such trials.

A time to unite and a time to pray. God bless Filipinos.

Along C.M Recto Manila

At Binondo with Carlyn

Despite of hard life, filipinos still smile. After the fall, we stand still and shine.
We know not to give up. We work hard to go back.

Pray for Philippines.

All praise to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms because we are united with Christ.


Another Rainy Moments

I wonder how to comfort myself. Last July 31, I was inviting my friends to come and join me watch some good movie but out of 5 peeps I have invited all refused. Lol. But never bothered to force them or something, it was just a nice approached to invite but not sincerely. Muahaha! I used to go out OBAMAself!

I would like to watch the Batman movie yet hesitant as I am still thinking the string of shooting incidents happened in Aurora, Colo so scary I don't want to experience the "Dark Night ..err Knight" moments and yes I am too exaggerated, thank you.

Second choice, I wanna watched "The Expendables" yet it's not yet showing --coming soon.

Some films are local which I don't like. So, I've bought "The Dictators" ticket.

The cam addict.

The Dictator ticket for P200. Sorry, it's blurry. Damn cellphone.

The movieghosters, ehem moviegoers.

I thought the film was a waste of money and time. But it was indeed a funny and naughty movie. I was like laughing till I die on my seat. It was a story of dictatorship and indeed a very nice movie.

The Dictator is a 2012 comedy film co-written by and starring Sacha Baron Cohen.

 When it comes to originality and witty thoughts, this movie is a two thumbs-up! Applause!

But it was three thumbs-down when I am about to go home, it was the heavy rain and scary wind waiting outside the mall. I was trapped and can't go home it was flood everywhere. So I've walked like a showered poor chick from SM, Manila to Sta Cruz church.And another damn incident, there was this FX vehicle passenger who does flipped up the car door carelessly without looking on the outside passers by. I was hit on my arm until now it's swollen! Freaking experience.

Sta Cruz bridge

end of story -_- 

Rainy Dinner in Phat Panda!

Yesterday, August 01 first Wednesday of the month, the usual Novena day. I went to lit some candle and prayed for my beloved. After waiting for Carlyn, we went for a dinner in Phat Panda Fastfood I have blog this post already HERE!

The dinner was only P270 good for two peeps or can be three if both eat like a chicken.

Butter Chicken

Beef Steak

And a plate of shanghai rice but I dunno why I can't post the photo it said "lost in connection". 

That was the tremendous rainy day moment and more soon. The typhoon Gener going gone to Taiwan. 

Salam, muslim readers!

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