Sizzling Tapa Trip

Another afternoon delight. 

When sometimes life gets so boring pull your friends one by one without planning alright? It's guaranteed the bonding will probably continue without hindrance. Especially when you dragged your friends into food tripping. Agree or what?

Tapa was claimed famous when it comes to food budgeting. It means cheap but doesn't mean the quality and goodness is not favorable to our taste buds. Tapa  is dried or cured beef although other meat or even fish may be used. Filipinos prepare thin slices of meat and cure it with salt and spices as a method of preserving it. Sometimes left over food like adobo pork strips are so delicious when it turn to be adobo-silog.

They are lots of tapsi to be choose from. But no, my friends preferred much yummier tapa twist this time.

With Cherry with our oily faces. Lololol!

Sizzling pork chop P65 only. 

The gravy sauce was so creamy you'll ask for more. So afforda-licious! Comes with free soup.

Sizzling tapa P65.

 The ordinary tapa comes so super delicious this time while swimming on its gravy sauce.

Sizzling chicken P65.

I am so confuse what to order but friends choose them all. Haha!

Shiela and Kriz.

Happy-sizzling time!


My Big Bossing

It's another school activity program of my kids to get to enjoy the film showing entitled "My Big Bossing" of Vic Sotto and Ryzza Mae Dizon. Even it's kinda late since it was already released last December 2014 nationwide. When the kids told me that they'll having this activity on 19th of Feb, I gave them the permission because it's Chinese New Year means it's holiday.

credit yahoo images 

About the film, My Big Bossing is a Filipino comedy anthology film. The said film has three plot which are Sirena, Taktak and Princesa. And it's directed by Tony Reyes for Sirena, Marlon Rivera for Taktak and Joyce Bernal for Princesa.

Along the three plot I was caught by a tear of the Princesa. I thought this film is "corny" and will only made me bored but nope. It's really for the kids and the whole family. I am used of foreign film but this one made me laugh maybe because of Vic Sotto no doubt he's a good actor really.

Well, thanks for the kids school program I also enjoyed the whole holiday. 

Sydney on her snack jar ready to go!

Alek which is too way too early to arrived at 7AM. Call time was 9AM. lol.

Sydney was still sleepy.

 Sydney with her classmate during the film showing.

After the film showing.

The joy was still on their faces.

After the film showing we strolled around the mall to see the Chinese New Year dragon dancing.

Wow! I can feel the Chinese New Year everywhere.

The Dragon Dance

The dragon dance is often performed during Chinese New Year. Chinese dragons are a symbol of China, and they are believed to bring good luck to people, therefore the longer the dragon in the dance, the more luck it will bring to the community. The dragons are believed to possess qualities that include great power, dignity, fertility, wisdom and auspiciousness. 

 Surprises on their cute faces during the Chinese dragon dancing.

So what else we do more? Of course snack time in Jollibee!

Every kid loves to eat Jollibee saucy spaghetti. No doubt.

 What's in a box? Jolly hotdog!! Yummy cheesy!


Sydney and her hungry-cute face. Lol.

My handsome son Alexander. Wow! I got a feeling 10 years from now girls are coming!!!! 

Nom nom nom...


Then we arrived home like freaking hot like 2PM. Summer is really too close.

Next time again hopefully with the 'lil Jewel Blake.

Bye everyone.


Happy Heart Day

Ohhhh yessss!! Love is in the air. Flowers bloom everywhere. Heart beats faster. It's because today we celebrate the Valentines. This day is not only for lovers. This is most celebrated by the whole family.

When I get home tonight I'm gonna celebrate it with my kiddos. 

And of course this heart day is incomplete without my friends. Photo sniper!!!

Grabbed some heart shape thing and additional stuff to complete the Valentines ambiance. Lol.

With Cherry and Anna.

My best team mates when it comes to photo session.

Inside our heart, we will remain friends forever.

Another pose from my seat. :)

With the groupie:

Spread the LovE!!


Cutting Expenses

Today, I am gonna blog about how to cut some small expenses on my purse. With today's higher prices that included the everyday things that we need in our small kitchen.

Some are samples that I really need to cut down like garlic, ginger, tomatoes, green leaves like sweet potato leaves (dahon ng kamote) and Chinese spinach (kangkong). So I've started to plant this all which I also included moringa leaves (malunggay), squash, peanut, oregano and some flowers too.

After we got our own home, we excitedly starting to fill up the small house. The backyard space was good to start a bed garden. Sounds good, right?

At first, I started to re-use the empty dough container of my kids. 

I just put some left over spring onion on the container. Ola! How cute with the combination of gift cactus plant from my friend. Tip, plant the spring onion on the space lot it will grow much thicker.

What I do, every time I use the spring onion by cutting the leaves it just grow back again. How amazing you gonna have unending supply of it, right? See the flowery top of my spring onion.

These green onions are rich in fiber, potassium, copper, manganese and vitamins like B6, C and K that make them the best natural remedy for various ailments. 

Another tip, don't throw the empty shell of eggs. Grind it until it will turn into powder then put it on your plants. It has calcium to benefit them.

My bed plants. 

Each plant was actually left over. Like the tomatoes, the seeds that I'd scrap when I do omelet. I've thrown the seeds in the soil, it grows in a week.
While I just made a hole for the left over stems of leaves through the soil, after a week it also regrow.

 I was so happy after I've thrown some squash seeds. More than two weeks it grows.

My stout plants.

If you're bored, try these hand activity by planting. Even my kids are helpful by watering my plants morning and night. Every Sunday we bond together by taking good care of our small garden. 

If not tomorrow, start today. Plant now!

Happy planting, guys!

A shadow from the neighborhood.

Sometimes I woke up in the middle of the night.
 I wonder what would be the scene outside my window plane.
There the air so thin and cold as I open the window.
Then it surprised me the darkness that never go...

 image  image 

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