The Final Arrival of Blessing

March 30, 2013

It was early as life to become busy when the blood stain came out "it's time already" feeling. It was 3:00 in the morning, the baby on my belly moves faster and this time more exciting. At exactly 6:00 AM labor begun to contract but it was amazed me because I guess it was bit faster than I have before my two pregnancy. It is contracting for every 3 minutes. I was bit nervous and anxious but I stayed calm and relaxed. 

6:30 AM, I've told mum to please be ready because I can already feel the baby wanted to get out. So we hurriedly went to my midwife's place. My midwife took everything at place she had her assistant which is also a registered midwife. They both took me into my bed and assisted me. On my first push, it was my water bag exploded. On my second push which took a 5 seconds long, my baby still on her way out. Finally on my third push, my baby came out at 8:00 AM! Only 2 hours of labor. Praise the Lord!

They put my baby (which never cry nor move) on my tummy. They pump something on my baby's mouth that time she cried so loud. They turned my baby (facing me) and I was so happy because she was so cute. Of course, all the mother out there might fear something if her baby won't came out on her expectation. Every mother surely asking for her complete and healthy baby. I was so blessed because after all this time, God has given me the chances to take good care of this beautiful baby.

Sorry, I never took baby's arrival picture because mum and I was so overwhelmed and excited we left the digicam at home. ;-) 

                             Happy Birthday JEWEL BLAKE FERNANDEZ CANDIDO !!

Super pink baby of mine.

2013/03/30 nice bdae! She was 3.2 kgs (7.4 pounds). She got her Chinese eyes on my mother's side (The Wee Family), her flawless soft white pinkish skin too. The red lips got from my sister Joy. But until today as I am writing this, she is 5 days old already, she looks more like my sister Joy. Haha! The only thing she got from her dad was the eyebrow. Sorry, dad! lol.

On her home.

Baby JB with her uncle Mark Anthony. (a bit blurry, sorry) 

With her sister Sydney.

Yes, I might looked ugly, fat and tired but ehem...never mind because I was surrounded by two most beautiful girls in my whole wide world -- Baby JB and Sydney!!!

Sydney's curious look. Hahaha! That was so cute Ate Nene!

Sydney sneaking!

Jewel's serious face with Syd's cutie face! Lol.

Her first pacifier encounter, ;)

First formula milk but I recommend you all mum to breastfeed your babies. My baby is mixed because on the first day she arrived my milk wasn't enough for her and my milk flows hard on my third day which is mixed with Promil milk already because Jewel Blake drink milk much as she wants. Yes, I choose and use Promil brand for her because I wanted her to develop in advance as a gifted child of mine.

Super girlie slim feet.

Chinese look

Sister Joy look-a-like!

Here's my sister Joy. Spot the difference. Lol.

Jewel Blake with her proud dad, John Oliver.

My guy was truly a shy guy. His world came so differ from mine. I am a self-expressed by nature and he was so quite. I am extrovert and he's introvert. He's very young and I am not. He's matured and I am not. WTF! Haha! Well, above all this, he accepted my whole family, my kids and he got blessing from my mother so that's the most important thing. Ok?

I am happy, loved and contented. What should I ask for?

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