House Kui Tea House

Ei, baby wanna experience some Chinese food with a twist of Filipino taste? Come all in House Kui Tea House!

Some of us not so a fan of Chinese cuisine because we might find it tasteless right?

Here in House Kui, it's one of the best that I have experienced. The place located in #486 San Fernando Street, Binondo, Manila.

If you want the privacy kind and quite environment this one is perfect.

            Seafood with Bean Curd Soup P150.

      This soup soothes my hungry stomach.

Brocolli with Oyster Sauce P180

Fish Fillet with Tausi Chili Sauce P180

All of the above that I've ate was three thumbs up! I can't compare each one because everything so delicious.

With FREE tea.

That's all for this week. 
Food blogging soon.
I don't wonder that I'm so healthy these days. Haha! Fattyyy!!! Lol.

Thank you to my sponsor.
My kumare/food crime partner, Sally.


Let's All Go To Shakeys

Another food bonding! Yay, goodbye diet. Group yourselves into five. Viola! Shakeys Big Meal B is for you. P1,315 for a group of five not bad enough. Tip, bring a slim friend with you. Haha!

                     Eight slices of pizza

      5 pieces fried chicken and 5 pcs mojos

Ham n Cheese Pasta. 

Also comes with 5 pcs ginger bread.

Suddenly, before this something selfie-ing happened. And my hair was my disappointment.

No filter on my boobie. Lol.

Us girls

The food, the friends and the place so awesome. 

What more should I asked for?

Except to pay my share. Hehe.

Next food trip!


Munting Buhangin Beach Camp Inc

Happy and super hot summer, readers!

Planning for vacation, beach, or something to unwind and escape from the noisy city? Yet until now still undecided. Bookmark this on your to-do-list.

Camping, banana boating, jetski-ing, island hopping, relaxing or swimming the same time? Go to Munting Buhangin in Nasugbu, Batangas.

It offers a lot of activities and fun for yourself and loved one. The beach is nice even if the sand is not sugar white. You can visibly see small fishes. Not much polluted yet. Lol.

Looking on the beautiful sunset

Based on my experienced, I can say it's a nice vacation so far. Nothing much to complain except the food they served. The taste is 50/50 and too expensive. I recommend to bring enough water and food. Keep your money wisely.

The room accommodation is 50/50. It's quite pricey. But it's nice and clean. 

Tree house

And thanks for warm welcoming us. Thank you my beloved company for a chance like this. 

As you enter the resort this hello you

A season to get wet

The long and winding road. Lol.

Tip: Better not to bring your granny, or anyone with a heart failure this stair will end your life quick. I almost faint going upstairs, seriously!

Roasted pig for our lunch.

Veggie salad

Pork Inihaw


 Let's eat!

Fine sand

It's crowded because it's summer.

We're ready for a joy ride


Banana Boat P1,800 per ride (8 persons)

With Shan

With couple of beautiful friends

Sea urchin

The sunset in Nasugbu is awesome.

Keep calm.

Sea Lion. Lol.

Very beautiful

Dinner Time

Beef Kaldereta

Inihaw na bangus

With friends

Island Hopping
Beef Tinapa for breakfast

With Ifi

Boat ride P150 (10 persons)

Motor boat going to island

Mr Accredited BM haler! Lol

Crystal clear water

To see is to believe

Sun smiles at me.

Lifting the rock

Looking on a distance

Lemme show you random pix of this small island. 
Ifi asking some help

It's kinda hard getting up

Be careful the rock might hurt

The island

Looking from above

On top of the ocean

The breath taking view

And the awesome jump shot

What else can you say?


On top of the world

Damn, going down is harder.

So what more to wait?

Grab your ass. Make it wet.

More to wet soon. Haha!
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