Carlo's Saturday!

It's about LOVE!

For about three weeks of not having seen my Carlo it was damnsolutely heart breaking. He managed to call me three to four times a DAY but that wasn't good enough because having him personally kissed or clasped tightly in my arms is very different.

God was so good, Carlo happily arrived with bags of food. Ready to cook!

Instantly, he managed to fill our stomach. Mad love!

I have a few of photos to share with you my beloveds.

Obviously, Carlo still so tired and sweating but he still gave a fatherly love. Sydney loves/missing him so much. "Hello, Dad!" That was her favorite tagline for this beautiful Saturday. Kate joined the Loved Group!

Kids was so excited yet our home wasn't finished yet.

Sydney and Carlo Junne

Sydney trying to get Carlo a nap by kissing...? Lol.

Spending heart to heart talk.

Cam-whoring with Mom.

More of ... what the.. -_-

Fuck! My face was stretched enough!!

Much better, fuck annoyance with my posed.

Carlo Junne get distracted with our cam whoring. Hehehe.

Sydney trying to show her black baby toy.. mad crazy!

Nothing more and nothing less. I am thoughtless for today! Hope you guys stay tuned and maybe you can give me more patience 'bout following my blog post. I accept suggestions or comments. Much better a good/nice topic we could share. I am more willing to blog your thoughts, feelings or reactions.

Thanks a lot & God speed!

Love is when you look into someones eyes,and see everything you need.
- Kristen Kappel


Wish To be Someone Like You

As I watched the time goes by, I realized how beautiful you are inside & out. I never thought you gonna turned like a young lady right now.

September 02, 2008 still the shelf of memories we're so clear. Angelic-soft face... tiny nails... kissable lips and curly hair. On my journey of having you swollen my tummy was excitedly frightening. Anticipating a black Nija baby wasn't easy. I couldn't imagine what you gonna looks like. I do hope that everything will be okay and safe.

Look at you now, my baby girl, you looks so different and comes with your own charisma. Every time you go out, people got overwhelmed with your beauty. They got confused. They asked if you are an Arab, Indian or African.

You are my African baby queen. =)

They said you gonna be the next Ms. Universe. Oh really? Thanks for all the complimentary. But some people misjudge your beauty and capability. Wow, tie your neck and jump out the cliff. Fucking dumbass! Take note, BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL. I am talking to my daughter, not with the father who abandoned her! Black is only absolutely beautiful because of her. Period!

I knew someday, if he was still alive. He might gonna bump with his perjurer eyes this own beautiful blogsite and surely gonna read every bit of my blog. I wish before he could turn this page off, he will suffer with suffocation of guilt. But I doubt it, devil people die too long. I don't know but for now, I can't see a place for forgiveness. I am sorry but somehow my daughter would understand.

So, to you! Yes, fucktard you knew who you are. You said I am gonna throw her away, why dumb people like you don't understand/realized you are being dumb, do you?

Erase, erase!

I will show some photos that might turn my mood to happy from angry. Lol.

Best in Swimsuit

Ms. Photogenic

Best in Long Gown

Shoppers Choice & Texters Choice


Ms. Talent (most loud scream ever!)

Ms. Friendship

Well, she got all the awards!

Congratulations, Ms. Sydney Chinenye Fernandez Nwabara!

Miss Sydney would like to thank her major sponsor:

Not only good for her but for everyone!

Vaseline Healthy White Lotion is safe for her young baby skin. Try it now!

:P don’t worry, I take care of her skin well :P


Home- sweet-Home

I am feeling LESS lazy to blog now. Certainly, I will post randomly as far as my mind will catch those memories. Lol.

Okay, house are mess. Kids are not feeling well.

Yup. My brother upgraded his home-sweet-home. But worst, we ended a snowy house. Lol.

Yup, that's the outside view from my window. Nice weather or not?

Obviously, my room's window. Remembering an old house? Hehehe.

Can't help but fell in love with the sunshiny-crispy clouds.

This is what I am talking, man. Our home was demolished, I mean renovated. :D

The Demolition Team

And here's the Squatters.

" I think we could enjoy a white Christmas this year?"

Eating hollow block, mad crazy!

Emo! ( She's Not inlove to him?) White powder inside our home.

horror feet. hehehe.

Which one is mine? Lol.

And so we decided to chill out to Mcdonald. Let's go!

Cam-whoring first before anything

The green kids

Poor babies... :(

There's a monster at Sydney's back!


My loves



Ready to go!

My share! Yums.


Nice rides, nice moments. Now, time to go home.

Moonlight.... dreaming...

Shower & sleeping time.


No pleasure is comparable to the standing upon the vantage-ground of truth.

- Francis Bacon

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