November Tats

Today is the last day of November. So I waived goodbye! Bye, November 2010!

Another shelf of past... another part of memories...

Wohoohoo! Tomorrow is day one of December. Very nice because on December 03, my brothers home coming! And of course, will come with his new tats.


Iniatially, I was OMFG what's going on with my brother? Is he insane...? Or heart broken? What kind of thoughts he's having... thoughtless? Lol. Anyway, I try to calm my senses. Basically, trying to catch some air from my lungs. Anticipating to faint any moment.

"Jing, don't ever trying to do some mess on your skin.. I mean, flawless skin." Yeah, I remember that words four years ago from my brother. Because I am the one who loved tats so much. I plan to put some scorpion tats on my pulse. So at the day of my last moment on earth, the doctor that will check my pulse gonna impress with my red scorpion tattoo. Sounds mad.

Well, what else? I have nothing to do except admire him for his new tats. I hate it!!! I hate because I don't have any single but I am gonna put soon. Hehehe. I plan to do some tats on my pulse, of course my red scorpion. Another on my right foot, combination of my kids name as SydAlek... very nice!

Ahem, his handsomeness! The fisherman! Lol! It's Gideon,brother loves!

Ei, Gideon is it painful or blissful? Where's your hand? wtf! hehe.

The Trying-Not-To-Cry Face

Wahahaha! I must be sure how bitter, take note BITTER he was now. He can't bring back lost time. Tattoo is there like shadow forever. He hates tattoo. But look, he put a red gelatin something or a ready to eat fish on his right arm. Don't worry, my beloved brother you won't be alone. Let me join you next year sure. Hmm, i will put a tweety bird perhaps? hahaha!


No more penny... poor man!






Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero. ~Marc Brown


Be Pinoy! Be Part!

Today 6:52:08 am, got an SMS from baby:

"gud morning baby musta man ka dira? baby I log on mo ko sa www.ingat pilipinas.com para sa mga driver ugma sa mall of asia. salamat".

For the "benefit" (lol!) to my foreign readers and Filipinos (too!) whom not a Cebuano, the message goes something like begging me to help him to get register on coalition for a safer environment or awareness of Philippine program observing traffic rules and something like that... blah! blah!

Uhm.. alrighty since I am not busy.

So I made him REGISTER.

FYI, every road user under Philippine law should get your ass and sign up.Yes, you dear drivers. Bus drivers should stamp this registration in their wrinkled and sticky forehead. Accidents 'contributed' most from them. And hello calling those two wheel driver, yup those using motorcycles that made our road a habit for racing. Omfg! Man, you got one life stop bitching on the road.

Pledge here to start turning the Philippines into a safer and more effective nation and to see other individuals and businesses who have committed to help in the effort towards turning our country into an Ingat Nation.

Newest Post:

Hello Carlo Junne!

"I pledge to obey traffic rules and regulations to avoid road accidents."

Posted by:Carlo Junne Vaz

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Ahem... baby you're done.

Remember, prevention is better than cure. Safety first.



I wanna dedicate this song lyrics to all ladies not only a broken person but trying to mend their broken hearts. Together, we gonna survive. I have been suffered with this lonely stage before. But we must believe that God really reserve/save someone that will stand for last into our life.

I gave up the hope for Mr Right. Yet, God push me into a place where he was only waiting for my journey. All my life, I look around but great love is not for a search. It was on our destiny.

No matter what life might give you don't give up a single hope because something/someone is meant for us. Soon, happiness will come in unexpected and special place. Prince charming comes not in a prince coat but with his big heart. And together, you both create a story that comes in "Once Upon A Time" and will end like " And they live happily ever after.." :-)

Enjoy. Lyrics by Nina. Image credit to SOMEDAY.

Someday you'll gonna realize
One day you'll see this through my eyes
But then i won't even be there
I'll be happy somewhere
Even if i can't

I know
You don't really see my worth
You think your the last guy on earth
Well I've got news for you
I know I'm not that strong
But it won't take long
Won't take long


Coz someday, someone's gonna love me
The way, i wanted you to need me
Someday, someone's gonna take your place
One day I'll forget about you
You'll see, i won't even miss you

Someday, someday

But now
I know you can't tell
I'm down,and I'm not do anyway
But one day these tears
They will all run dry
I won't have to cry
Sweet goodbye


Coz someday, someone's gonna love me
The way, i wanted you to need me
Someday, someone's gonna take your place
One day I'll forget about you
You'll see, i won't even miss you
Someday, someday

No Guy Is Worth Your Tears & When You Find The One That Is He Won't Make You Cry



Christmas is in the air admit it!!

It was hard to get up early on bed. There was like a spring connection from bed and my back. Pretty lazy but it's a MUST to get myself as early as 6 fuckin' morning.

Lol. I am not complaining though. I am the type of person who raised early in the morning and go to bed very late. Aha!

Best thing happens early in the morning. Exercise. Lookin' around. And thinking out of the blue.

Well last Tuesday, 16th this month it was one of the very sunshiney day. Sweating like OMG wtf -_-

And so I decided to make something to chill up our drained thoughts. Lol.

What I need was a mango, a golden one. , milk (condensed and evaporated), cheese and of course a blender. If you want to add something nice then you can have a mallows.

The very golden one. Haha! Yummeh!

Ahem, my cheesy mango shake.

Oh my milky shake! Loves.

Sydney looks unhappy. That's not a puke, mad girl!

Alek was truly enjoying his cup of goodness.

Fried Tilapia with black beans. Our lunch for this day.

If you wanna learn the stuff, prepare a three or four small tilapia then fry. Set aside. In a pan, heat oil, saute 1 clove garlic (thinly sliced), onion, black beans and put one cup water let it boil. Then cracked one egg before serving. Put the fried fish on top or blend it with other ingredients.

Serve while hot.


Enjoy beloveds!

The day after 16th, we went to another food tripping. Yes! Joe Kwan, that's the small resto. Filipinos really appreciate a food served with egg and soup. Yup, we do love egg. Haha!

What you prefer for an egg? Sunny side-up, scramble or fried? Anything! But I want red egg (pulang itlog) Ooopss... the traditional red egg ... scratch the egg so it will turn reddish.
But most of my girlfriends likes century egg. Hahaha!

Let us talk about food.

Bangsilog (Bangus at itlog)

Beef Mami with siomai


Of course, cam whoring won't stop that fair day. So here's some to share.

Kids busy playin'.

While others non-stop posin'. Lol.

That's right. More of happiness soon!

We might think of another swimming bond on Nat's bdae! Or maybe Enchanted Kingdom? Wohoho! Hmm... what about Malaysia or Hongkong trip next year? Why not, coconut!

Knowledge of what is possible is the beginning of happiness.- George Santayana


Nowhere To Go!

As usual, we don't know how to kill time.

Watching television ... cook ... eat ... shower ... yell ... sleep ...

All of the above was our regular routine, except sometimes we visit some relatives. Aside from that, we go to mall. Not shopping! Just to chillax! Of course, EAT!

Here we go! Going to our fav mall.


Troopang Kulot (Curly Troops) are ready! yay!

The nanny and Obama's grand kid. Wahahaha!

Sydney: " Very nice hair extension lah!"
Kate: "Shoo! Go away, envious!"

"Can everyone tell me I did justice with my hair?!"


The sad truth... one fish forgot how to breathe.

Sydney in her "must be concerned face".

The "uzi" or known as usisero. In english, kibitzer! Watching how was it when the fish suffer from drowning. Hehe.

No one can miss the cam-whoring.

Lookin' around @ RFC, we bought some dress for girls, sorry didn't put the photo gonna update on Xmas! Wohoho!

Xmas was in the air. Hmmm...

Whenever I see girls and boys Selling lanterns on the street I remember the child in the manger as he sleeps.

Hint: Christmas in our hearts. Click!

Hey, girls! Let's take pix pleaseee..




Ei, Sydney where is Kate? Solo model?

The I don't wanna picture girl.


To please the kids.

And this one was like.. oh please! lol.

Kate: "Wait, let me start the engine"
Sydney: " Hello, we don't have tokens"



tip 1: Safety driving don't let your mother join.

tip 2: Don't use rainbow sock to avoid accident.

See ... the shocked face of Kate. Next time, wear plain sock. Lol.

The ever ready cam whore.

Kate: " Don't let me go, please."
Sydney: "No worries, later alligator!"

And there goes the mother alligator.

More of alligators...wahaha! Poor gators, can you people leave and go?!

Sydney suddenly realized to shift another game.

Every1 enjoy.

Comparing of manicures or what?

Pressing the button with all kate's heart.

Which one is Kate and not one is Sydney?

Ok, lah! That's for tonite.


P/s: Congratulations, Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao! Check!
Very belated but Filipinos are so proud of you!!!

“Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live.”

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