Nueva Ecija Hunting

March 11, 2012  5:30AM - 4th floor Aveja Apartment

Karen, woke me up I was surprised usually I woke so early without being alarmed. It's comfortable indeed sleeping to Kim's queen size bed.

6:00AM I've done shower - 3rd floor Aveja Apartment

6:20AM Finished face powdering - 3rd floor

Cam-whoring and I like my smokey eyes. Emoticons

6:30AM done coffee with Karen - 4th floor Aveja apartment again.

 Can't get enough

4th floor's window

6:45AM looking for Sir Albert and Sir Gilbert.

7:05AM fasten seat belt.


OK, here we go looking for some Chinese national. I don't know the whole story but I am not actually supposed to be involved in this trip. Yeah, trip to Nueva Ecija.

Karen was a local of Nueva Ecija, Sir Albert asked her a favor if she can assist in hunting the guy named David Go. Karen, needs someone to talk she don't wanna suffer the state of boredness, she have me. Lol.

Karen and me.

There she goes.

Sir Albert and Sir Gilbert's back view 

We do enjoy cam whoring at the back while both guys busy with their Chinese conversation we don't understand wtf! I wanna take some pic for the two gentleman but they're bosses so I presumed not.

Fuckin' camera I can't control the blurriness.


The Highway.

Very Sunshiney

It was such a road trip that kept us no camera clicking. Lol.
Approaching the toll gate.

 A young toll teller who doesn't know the place or exit,Sir Albert asked about her. Moron!

Glad the security guard knows and guide us.

Almost lunch time when we reach Cabanatuan. We had a nice meal in NE cheap and clean plus --all rice meal you can!
Each order cost P120 and weigh it to our surprised.

Please choose.

Karen ordered some Papaitan. Yummeh!

3rd from left was Sir Albert and 1st from right was Sir Gilbert.

Some breads.

Wide selection for the bread lovers.

I love the bear cakes!

Very cute.

After that we started the "hunting game". The tag: Where are you David Ko? While Sir Albert busy calling their proposed contact I got this cam-whoring session with Karen.

Trying to show Cabanatuan's sign.

with Sir Albert's fortuner.

First, we stop to Green Lights to look for David yet his people told us we got a wrong info. Then Karen's mother told her to look for Green Home not Green Lights wtf! So we move ahead to the next block where the Green Home store located. We ask again about this man named David. One of the sales lady gave his cellphone number to us. He talked with Sir Albert but in the end it was upsetting he still claimed he is not the said guy were looking for.

Hopeless and tired, I've suggested to ask the Barangay. We settled into the office and the Barangay Chairman was accomodating. To cut the story short, this Chairman was working on David Ko's parents for 10 years. He told us many things I can't write it here because I don't have the right to discuss it. Privacy sealed.

The meeting end up from Barangay Hall to the Chinese temple. Maybe you will have already the idea why so?
 The Chinese Temple

The half-chinese in front of the chinese temple. Lol.

Hiding karen's fats. Haha!

Sun + Wind

After the wait and non-stop cam whoring, Sir Albert decided to give up but he sent us to his old-way-back home rice mill which he didn't see after 20 fucking years. The place was kinda old but good. I can feel his emotion/feelings kind of reminiscing.

Before we go home, he dropped off our asses to Karen's home to visit her parents in fast mood.
Karen with her dad.

Halo-Halo and Barbeque. Wohoho!


Then finally the four of us meet in Jollibee and Sir Gilbert treat us "Champ". Then back to Manila.
Checking our mobile map.


After the hunting game  we all end up nothing. The guy were looking for seriously denied whatever reason or evidence we brought him.



us girls

Sir Albert and Sir Gilbert (still chit-chat while going home in Chinese version wtf!)

The greenery scene along Nueva Ecija.

Mt. Arayat

Jollibee Champ for the big lady lol!

Champ for the not-so-big lady teeheehee!

It was another long journey back so we need to find some killing-the-boredness solution.


Nice place where you can find cheap items.

P80 per kilo

I am so fucking happy after we stroll around the Mega Station because I had another shoe collection.
My rainbow wedge from Coleslaw store worth buying only P950

Karen's shoes very nice =)

red nails

Wohoho! Almost going home.. fucking tired.

Bocaue Exit.

Finally we reach home 5:15PM. Yay! Was like a normal office hour this time was like jogging the whole office from first to fifth floor imagine how tiring am feeling?? wtf!

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