Unitop Xmas Party

December 22, 2012

My second time around to spend Christmas party with my Unitop family.

The food was awesome but didn't have much picture of it coz I am too busy eating. Lol.

  With Carlyn, Ritchel, Rufa, Me and Cherry

Showing off my killer shoes (avoid staring on my huge legs. lol.) =)


Deep Fried Squid with  Grilled Tuna

Filipino Native Sweets

Fruit Salad

My plate :')

Grilled Beef

Many thanks to our bosses: Sir Albert, Sir Gilbert, Mr and Mrs Brito and Sir Peter.

Flower to delight our eyes.


UPDATE: Heaven Leigh is 23 weeks now!!!


Typhoon Pablo Help Brigade

Another devastated event for Filipino people. Typhoon Pablo recently hit Visayas and Mindanao part of the Philippines which left many dead and still remaining unknown bodies until now. Seems the most strongest storm to hit Mindanao in two decades.

Photo credit: Yahoo! News Philippines 

Photo credit: Yahoo! News Philippines 

Photo credit: Yahoo! News Philippines 

More heart-breaking stories here:

Valley of the dead 200 bodies found, 500 missing in Compostela


Pablo's wrath: Lives taken, destruction widespread


Please send us your prayers. The affected families can no longer celebrate and feel the joy of coming Christmas. They got no home, water to drink and food to eat. But what more so painful facing this trial with dead bodies of their love ones? 

 You can send help thru this: 

Account name: ABS-CBN Foundation, Inc.
Account number: 5630020111
Bank: Banco de Oro, Mother Ignacia Branch


Visit their official website: ABC CBN Foundation/ Typhoon Pablo


Give love. Give Life.



Letter To My Unborn

Rizal Park, Luneta on my 16 weeks

My Angel,

I knew it wasn't fine at first. I was afraid and not ready for this new battle of life. I was been selfish to you and think only of myself. God knows, I have sinful thoughts on you which until now haunted my soul. Despite of my weakness you have been stronger to hold on. You are screaming inside my belly and pray that God's glory will saved you. Yes and it does. I am so sorry for being self centered, my baby. I am trying my whole best to give to you the chance of good life and to see the moon shining so bright. For you to feel the warmth of the sun and the promise of security against the battle field coming into your way.

Days passes by when you moved around my belly and now I am feeling you more closer to me which held more love to me for you. I love you Angel more than you ever know. You  will be part of my dreams and trophy of life. Very soon I am gonna see your small finger nails and tiny smile. Excitedly anticipating to share bundle of joy with you and will follow your small foot steps.

My baby, I might not be a perfect mother but I assure to give the perfect moments though. There will be no one like you in any place of this world. For you are the seed of God that has given for me as a reflection of being a true woman. I hope one day I make you proud being your mum and your friend. Because you have made me complete already as a human. 

I love you, my angel.


Vilve on Instagram

I supposed to be punished I guess. I am neglecting my blogsite for damn long days and November was almost over with an EMPTY page on my website. WTF!

So before this month end, I wanna share my new Instagram account to where you can update one of your favorite photo memories. Still on my beginning mode, please understand any delay. Lol.

God bless everyone. ;)


Taste Buds

Only yums is allowed!I wanna eat more and more!

Snacks to go
Spicy Clubhouse

All we need:

3 slice of bread
spicy luncheon meat (fried)
1 large egg (scrambled)

First, put some butter to your bread and slightly make it brown in a pan (don't burn). Set aside. Then add some toppings on your golden bread, put some mayonnaise, top it with luncheon meat, scrambled egg and garnish some cabbage according to your hungriness. Lol. You can put cheese or ham if you like it. 
Enjoy. ;)

Juicy Hotdog 

This will take no effort ;)

2 pcs hotdog buns
2 pcs medium size Purefoods classic hotdog (steamed)

Slice the hotdog buns. Spread evenly some mayonnaise then put the steamed hotdog and add some ketsup and mayo on top.
Enjoy! ;)

Dinner to go.
Coconut Spice Tilapia

2 medium size tilapia
1 medium cup coconut milk
2 pcs small chili
5 pcs pechay leaves
1 small glove garlic
1 small onion

Saute garlic until golden brown. Follow the onion then put the coconut milk into boil. 5 minutes is enough then put the fish until it cooks. Add some flavor. Put the pechay leaves and boil for 3 minutes. Don't overcook guys. Enjoy the dinner.

 Sweet and Sour Tilapia

Yes, I like tilapia and my belly baby is craving for it. Lol.

3 medium size tilapia (fried)
1 big size carrots
1 small pouch tomato sauce
3 pcs medium size tomato
1 small size garlic clove
1 small onion
1/2 teaspoon ginger

Saute the magical garlic follow the ginger until it turn brown. Follow the onion and tomato. Put 1 pouch of tomato sauce and add some small amount of water because it will be sticker. After it boils, add some spices to taste and add the carrots until it cook together with the fried tilapia. Serve while it hot.

Adobong Pata (Marinated Pork legs)

1/2 kgs of baby pork legs (boiled and tender)
2 table spoon black beans
spring onion
1 small onion
1 small garlic clove
soy sauce
sprite soda

Put the pork baby leg on boiled until tender. Marinate the pork with soy sauce,vinegar,sprite and some spices according to your taste. Put it overnight in the refrigerator.Then after the next day, saute some garlic, onion and the marinated pork. While it turned brown put the marinated sauce you have made last night and bring to boil. Put some black beans. Garnish some spring onion. Tadah! Done.

Ok, guys hope you enjoy some pretty simple taste buds on my blog.
Craving for more!

That all!


Tiny Sights, Bigger Bites

Hello my dear readers!

I am almost enough of my crazy cravings and morning sickness but still the head aches remains like hell especially after the whole office work was done. Well, I still remember my son's first experienced of morning sickness was almost faint me off every time I'd smell the fragrance of fabric conditioner. During that time, I craved for a food that shouldn't be bought in a store, it should be given by someone or something I should ask for. Lol crazy. On my daughter's craving time, I've almost died puking if I saw some hair strands on toilet sink etc. And the time of hers, I like to eat siomai which visibly appeared on the bottom of her right ear. Which is cute. =)

On my third unborn baby, I eat everything but if I didn't like the food I threw up like hell. My stomach will left so empty until the saliva will turn greenish. Yes, guys I am more than 15 weeks of my pregnancy. I can't elaborate why, how, who and when it happened. Everything still I wanna keep in some private details so spare me, thanks. I thought the unborn baby shouldn't be put in some tension right? All I can say was I am trying hard that everything in behalf of my family was in good health, peace of mind and I knew soon I can have this long time happiness I am craving for. My family and my old friends knew everything about my past which is something I adore from them coz they respect whatever decisions I made.

Still I thank God for this overwhelming attention I get from my guy. And this time, I can't ask for more and I got no more cursing from someone or something from my past coz he always put me in any positive thoughts. Simple life but full of respect and love of course.

Well, enough of those words I wanna show you some pictures taken from my new phone yes I got new one.Lol. I love this phone coz it's so sleek, shiny and thin. It has the most friendly-touch-screen features. It's my Cherry Mobile W900-Curvaceous Droid. Find it more HERE!

Cassava Cake I've craved lately. Yums!

Almost 16 weeks. =)

The edited pic from my phone not that nice. =(

Well, I've missed my travel maybe later next year I will gathered some resources to update some of my trekking blog. Happiness wouldn't enough here. Life so short even shorter if we focus on things and peeps that will only make us unhappy. I am not God so I stop  cursing my past and I wanna live in a purpose. My pregnancy is not on my plan, not even thinking a glimpse of it. I was afraid at first. I wanna turn back and scream in silence. Yet I have realized, this is a blessing. I didn't expected it but it's a gift. And they said, it is better to be given something you didn't really want right now than to NOT be given something that you really want. Thank you God, for not letting me to be selfish and for not letting me to think backwards rather by teaching me to walk forwardly happy.

Praise be to God!


The Mistress

Yeah, another late entry. Thanks to Wifi lol.

It was indeed another come back movie of the famous Philippine love team, John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo. With my friends we went to Lucky China Town last September 20 to watch "The Mistress" movie.

Very beautiful movie.

5 movie pass =)

The block buster waiting lines of fans.

Me waiting slash camwhoring

The cinemas of Lucky China Town Mall


Yes, I've never tell anyone here about my condition. I supposed to keep it more private this time. My blogspot is an open diary. Yet, I wanna ask this time not to discuss more about my personal life,only this moment. I am facing another chapter of my life which I hope it will be a better choice for my family. 

Carlyn with Cherry

Rufa with Ritchel

Inside, before the movie begin.

Camwhoring while watching lol.

The said movie was a mixed of drama and romance. It was indeed one of those matured and two thumbs up movie of the year and most "kilig" factor between the John Lloyd and Bea. Grab a DVD copy if you miss the movie. =)

The moments with my friends.

Colorful eh?


Thanks for another memories. And thanks to our cinema ticket sponsored by our boss, Mr Johnny Wong. 
Sir Johnny with Cherry.

Life is not bad at all! God bless, Sir Johnny for your kind heart.

Take life so easy..like a gunnam style. Haha!

I have been thinking what to eat and thought to share it with you guys. Very nice! ;)

Craving for Chowking bola-bola siopao. Yummeh!
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