J.Co Donuts And Coffee

A friend of mine named Grace gave us great pleasure! One of my favorite guilt-- the J.Co donuts. Actually it's been part of her saying goodbyes because she's leaving the company for good and will live home to Iloilo. I am pretty sure to missed her noise and chattering non-stop. Oh, Grace, thanks for the gracefulness.

Spent J.Co goodness with Ifi (lady on black), Karen (violet), Grace (white) and yours truly..ahem.

Blue Berrymore.

I can't recover myself. I want more!


Above all, my most favorite:
Alcapone. I've finish alcapone got no own picture so I stole this one. Credit.

Everyone done with the sweetness and smoothness of J.Co donuts. 

 We eats everything including the fork. Lol.

Good treats especially during rainy days.

Come and visit:

The warm and nose-smooth  ambiance of J.Co

J.Co Donuts & Coffee

Lucky ChinaTown Mall 

Reina Regente Street, Binondo, Manila 


Thank you for sharing the J.Co way. 



 For the last stop, beware of J.Co bandits.


iLvE You, J.C


Mann Hann discovers Twelve Cupcakes!

What's for a dinner during the payday?

 July 15 before the typhoon Glenda hits Manila we went for a food trip with my friends. Of course, this is very unusual these days because I myself save for my future dream house. Lol.  

Feeling beauty with Rufa.

The place was so cozy and warm because it's kinda dark minus the candle. 

Free tea for the beloved customers.

I've tried their tea and it soothes my hungry stomach. Really! It made my hungry intestines to calm down.

Beef Ampalaya (Bitter Melon) - P250.00

Fish Ball Soup - P190.00

Miki Bihon - P245.00

Taipao - P125.00

Fried Chicken - P260.00

Shrimp Roll - P105.00

Janjanjan!!!! Everything so mouthful and delicious. Mann Hann, you are the best!
  Lucky China Town Mall
Dela Reina cor Reina Regente, Binondo, Manila

 Have you tasted one of the best cupcake? Well, I recommend you one which I have recently discovered. It has arrived in the Philippines. It was originally came from Singapore. The cupcake brand promise to deliver only freshly baked cupcakes that are handmade from scratch which made them block buster and having sold 3 million cupcakes in Singapore in such a short period of time. Wow!! Now, they're here in Manila. They got 4 branches already and surely will get more. You can find them in SM City BF in Paranaque, Century City Mall in Makati, SM Mall of Asia in Pasay and I've first met them in Lucky Chinatown Mall  in Binondo. After we have dinner in Mann Hann. Haha! I am in a diet, really! Lol.

The cupcake monsters!

 Come on! It's so hard to choose lah!! No free taste? 

 Oh Em Gee!! I love color pink. I love all!

 Yum, yum, yum! Tell me which one.

 Even the cash monitor looks so yummy I wanna lick it. Hehe!

 The "Red Velvet" is their best seller. Right from back is the PB Chocolate and left is the Vanilla Chocolate. Everything was so good. 

And here's more! They have promo. When clock ticked at 9PM buy 4 cupcakes and you'll get 2 for FREE! 

Come on guys. Grab it. Availability varies on location.

 Twelve Cupcakes Handmade With Love
Ground Floor, LCTM-11D
Reina Regente St., Lucky China Town

And that will end the entry. That's my discovery.
Happy Eating!


Graduation Remarks

Obviously, I don't know what title that will capture your interest. I want to down write as Graduation 2014 sounds so common right? Or maybe Happy Graduation!! Yey! Lol. Since this is a way back entry should have wrote it last March. I think it will fitted as remarks. Hehe.

Being a proud mother, I have this inner feeling of accomplishment. Because I have stood strong over my daughter's future being alone. Even if it needs to bend or break my bone. Sydney was brought of outburst love and tears from heaven. I know she seeks for her daddy's comfort. I still pray and maybe stop wishing until she and her dad will meet again.

Congratulations, Sdney Chinenye!
Sydney on her side-view post.

Sometimes I would looked back then I saw the baby Sydney. Yet I am so happy the way I looked at her now, she grown up so well discipline. The other kids on her age kept playing and running before the graduation program. But Sydney just stayed on her line and never bothered.

 Me and my daughter.

 The program starts singing with the Philippine National Anthem.

Then the little graduates singing like angels.

They're singing their graduation song.

Children so busy buzzing around while the school principal talking. Lol.

The lilttle stage.

Sydney got "the most persevering" ribbon. 

Ready to soar high!

A 'lil bit too shy.

Now the program is over. All end well.

random pix.
Finally, she got her first diploma. 

Another pose before we go home.

The evidence. Lol.

Why you're so cute baby girl?

Ms Fernandez, the adviser.

Picture taking together with her classmates. Why you looking so bad on that boy? Haha!

On her way to have this photo alone. The crowd was totally gone.

Before we REALLY go home. One more please.
I just want you to know, my baby girl that no matter what you would like to be in the year to come, I will be there for you to guide and support you... never leave you. One more thing, avoid boyfriend(s) this early ok?

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