Being Fucked up!

I don't understand why you assholes just kept on pushing my back?

No one can pretend despite of my silence. I am not reacting anymore yet some stupid people kept harassing me telling somebody and building a horror file of lies. I don't bother if you kept on putting me down but damn you idiots pulling my son's rights for his goodness. I am just gathering my wicked side if you insist to fry me out huh! Wait for my dark revenge you fucking retards!!!

I really can't stand it! I kept my mouth shut and moved on but behind my back their putting the trigger. Okay! Let us start the fire, morons! I just thought some of their pointless and lousy tactics of spreading mouth germs I thought it would be finish.

I hate retards! So lets get to the point shall we? You damn asses out there could come and check this blog out any time your useless lives have so-called 'extra' time, the same goes to those who are jobless and always have time! You got a wonderful blow job huh? How about being proud of fucking to someone's relatively related on blood? What a shameful fucker!

I am gonna post about everything that goes on my wonderful thoughts --anything! Get it, old fucker?

I'm gonna go now and leave yourselves wondering what I'll write next. Till then - go fuck yourselves.


Comfort Zone of Mine.

Recently, I was very hooked listening from my phone this Radio-FM Station it was Radyo Singko 5 News Manila 92.3! Their topics was very much related . I would like to congratulate all the DJ's/ Radio announcer of the said program because it has clinched the 4th spot on the top most listened radio program among 20 FM stations in Mega Manila.

Just wanted to give credit on my favorite programs. I am an avid listener of Atty. Mel with Luchi-Cruz-Valdez "RELASYON". They gave not just good advise but enlighten the legal-side thoughts about relations problem.

Also, Mr Raffy Tulfo was very dedicated and fast-problem-solver. A kind of tough when it comes to bad guys. His show was very original "Wanted sa Radyo". Applause, Idol Raffy.

I've never missed Christy Fermin chika thoughts, too "Cristy-per-minute". Very entertaining.

Every Saturday, I am tuned in to Anthony Pangilinan's "Magbago Ka". I was really taking notes on his very inspirational thoughts. It makes me realized that life with God was overwhelming. Thank you, Anthony!

Then, every Saturdays too at 2PM the crazy program of "Love Idols" with Ariel Villasanta and Maverick Relova was very entertaining will end blowing up your noses such words was very naughty with these insane tandems.

Every day in every way I am better, better and better.

So I would like to share some good thoughts with you guys with which I have learned from Mr Anthony Pangilinan's program. Hope you get an option to CHANGE in a better way.

If you want to WIN: 
E- entheos (means In God, theology) we need enthusiasm. Be inspired.
N- norture your nature, feed your nature to develop yourself to be number one. Capability to have it.
E - eliminate unnecessary loads. Lower your demands. Pass or delegate your mission. Ask some help.
R- re-create yourself. You need to rest. Have a time to amuse yourself.
G- get accountable. Keep on track. Give credit to people who inspired you.
Y- yield. Slow down. Post. Stop if necessary.

Note this down, resign for something nice for the sake  of good. Welcome, change.

God is LOVE.

I have a few nice tips for some parents like me.

How to treat your kids? I have two beautiful kids, a boy and a girl with different personalities. I am sharing this thoughts maybe could help you in a way or two.

Love your kids equally. Treat them differently. Normally, there is a pattern. Support their best skills. Train and discover their talents. Hold and develop. Parents should learn from their kids too. Life would have more meaning, right?

Thank you God for giving me such a wonderful souls. I love you Alek!

I love you, Sydney my baby girl!


More LOVE soon, thanks for reading!

Old men can make war, but it is children who will make history.- RAY MERRITT, Full of Grace
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