Kenny Rogers Roasters

Another food tripping? Who's to blame with my extra heaviness? My friends still sexy even they've finished the whole plate.

The whole gang excitedly waiting for food.

 Wacky to ignore being hungry. Lol.

A bright smile for bright kids.

Eating timeee!!

Cheers for the good food!


Sharing time with your friends and laughters everything is just so perfectly awesome. Thank you, Lord!

More soon.


Random Affordability

Ei readers! How you all doing? Well, summer is ending here in the Philippines so rainy days is approaching these days. Here in Manila, rain usually pours every afternoon until midnight. But I've heard, some part of the country has volume of rain already.

But food tripping during this season is more welcoming. Lol. This time in pocket-friendly mode.

The Show-My (lol!)

 Tip: Once you out from office, go along with other colleague's then stop over from the nearest siomai cart. Spot your HR head officer, tease him to pay the bill. It's 101% approved. Hehe.

 Yes! That's our HR boss. You spot the approved finger gesture? Thank you, Sir!

The Accomodating Mode
This time with my good friend Aida.

Actually, no intention at all. It's all pure and honest friendship. Lol. The story goes something like this, she wanted to buy an electric fan using her GC (gift check) of Unitop. Yet, our store was far and traffic will file up another stressed if you go along alone. Get it? So I volunteer myself to accompany her. Since I'm not busy during that time. 

Kimbob food is very neat, yummy and spicy

Aida offered to pay everything we've ate.
Yay! She said she appreciated me.

And of course, the best among the rest when Ifi asking me to go out.
Meeting new people.

Ifi was one of the most generous soul I've met my whole life. She's rich in heart but she drives me crazy because we talked non-stop and non-sensely. Lol. Thanky, Ifi.

Lan Zhou Lamien in Lucky Chinatown Mall

It was a nice dinner though plus meeting new people is another nice experience.

 Razons was my first choice when it comes to halo-halo. The ice so creamy and fine. Absolutely, the best especially when it's free like this. 

Cheers! Hehe.

Until here only, folks. Need a little diet this time. Lol. Next time again. 

Free is affordable, agree or what?
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