Yeah, It's Happening!

Allow me to change my regular water to something much better. This time, detox water.
I went on searching on how to keep the regular tap water to become much healthy water instead. But so far when you wanna buy it online or in stores your wallet might get slim also, it's a kind of expensive lah!
I am located near to famous cheaper vegetables and fruits place Divisoria so I went on my own detox water.

My first trial is the green lime and mint water. Then I have added mangosteen which is one of my favorite fruit. First thing you need is a clear jar of course. Then everything is so easy.

Lime and Mint Detox Water.

** 5 pieces mint leaves 
** 1 medium size lime
** 1 piece medium size mangosteen (scrap the red hard side)

Get yourself a 1 liter jar, or if you want something bigger then allow yourself to spoil more fruit according to your desire. Lol. Then arrange the lime (slices), mint and mangosteen. Then refrigerate for overnight. Until the water itself infused with the natural taste of fruits. Serve cold. Enjoy!

Sounds so easy right? No hokus-pokus! Hehe.

Mangosteen is good source of vitamin C and provides about 12% of RDA per 100 g. Vitamin-C is a powerful water soluble anti-oxidant. Consumption of fruits rich in vitamin-C helps human body develop resistance against viral-flu and help scavenge harmful, pro-inflammatory free-radicals.

And the health benefits of Lime include weight loss, skin care, improved digestion, relief from constipation, eye care, and treatment of scurvy, piles, peptic ulcer, respiratory disorders, gout, gums, urinary disorders, etc.

The health benefit of Mint Leaves includes digestion, nausea and headache, asthma, breast feeding, depression and fatigue, skin care and pimples, memory loss, weight loss, female sterility, allergies and hay fever, cancer and other benefit. More to read here--  Mint Goodness.

Cheers to good health!

Everytime I am with my detox water I feel like I am in the garden of freshness.

Orange Detox

Same procedure and ingredients as above yet this time is in orange flavor. But DON'T forget to peel off the orange skin because the taste will became too bitter like what I did! Add some honey oh well. :)

Orange has a very powerful antioxidant called Betacarotene with helps to protect our cells from damage. While Vitamin B6 helps to support the production of hemoglobin that carries oxygen in our body. Oxygen is a vital element for any functions in our body including burning fats, converting energy.

Need detox water more coz of
abusive food tripping activity. 
  •  Yeah, this face should be "detoxified" much. Hehe.

    A bdae treat from our beloved Kim. Belated Kimy!


    Have you heard of Sooper Beaute?

    Hey girls, this is so awesome. I have discovered this once when we are at SM Manila. The products was kinda interesting so I have tried some of their tested products and instantly I got hooked from it! The whitening lotion that I have applied from my hand instantly have noticeable texture. Yup, my skin is already white but made me more brighter when I've applied a small amount on my skin.

    No kidding! I've bought one skin whitening lotion for a try. And I mean it, I will keep coming back after finishing it. After my third pregnancy some of skin tone didn't fully come back. I have some 'tan' part still or skin discoloration on my arm pit. It made me super sad and frustrated the same time. 

    But this product is the best so far! In one week use of it I have noticed real change. Wohoho!

    This is what I am talking about, dear readers. 

    Tip, if you ever buy the whitening lotion (any of the above), also try the Skin Saving Salve cream (middle) for your stretch marks problem and also for skin discoloration. 

    If you are a kind of hesitant because you might think it's super expensive my answer is No.
    The price is fairly enough for the beauty benefit that you can get.

    Each bottle of lotion has different prizes according to sizes too. The Flawless White Lotion (100ml) I've bought it for P380 only. While the Skin Saving Salve Cream is P380 also.

    Different color to strike on your sweet lips.

     I always have a hard time to find a 'correct' thing when it comes to lipstick. At the end of the day, my lips cracked. Before I put any lipstick, I make sure to apply some lip balm on it. Yet it still happened to end up a dry and cracked lips. Any help, guys?

    But this time I have found my lipmate. Lol. This is not a paid advert ok? I've tried Sooper Beaute LS and instantly I feel in love with it. Until I got home still the color was on. And after shower, my lips didn't crack and not dry. The pinkish-moisture feeling was still on my lips! Wow. Amazing for me.

    I've bought a new pink LS- the Pink Superstar for P280.

    Good News! They got total knock out sale. Purchase any 2 product/sets and get 1 product/set for free! Awesome or not? So when I stop over there store, I've bought 2 items which are Flawless White Lotion and Pink Superstar LS. Got the Skin Saving Salve for FREE!! Sooper wow for the Sooper Beaute customers!

    One more! They gave me the Glutathione Soap (100g) for another FREE! Crazy right?!!
    If you buy the Glutathione Soap it's P65 only for the fair skin benefit.

    Free! Free! Free!

    What are you waiting for? Grab the beauty!

    More of their products:
    Facial Rituals

    Pure Oils

    IG: sooperbeaute
    FB: sooperbeaute



Super Friends And The Supah Foods

Nothing is happier with our food tripping. Besides eating our own problems, this time we need to eat real foods ok?

We went two days in a row to SM Manila just for fun and eat. 

Day One.

We tried to feel back those moments of being a college student. So we decided to eat in a fast cheap food along SM Manila. Guess what? P25 for a budget meal.

Here's the proof.

 Read the background price. Huaatt!!

Chicken Sisig with free iced tea -P25 only.

Of course the taste is also good for the price. Lol. 

What do you expect? A meal swimming in an oil. Haha.Sorry I guess they should lessen the oil.

Dok Manok Bacolod
Along SM Manila (outside)

 After window shopping, yup we only bought some beauty skin product (to blog soon!) I have a new beauty discovery to share. Then we eat again before going home for our dinner.

This time in real food. Lol.

Chowking SM City Manila
4/F Sm City Manila, Natividad Almeda-Lopez cor San Marcelino St.,
Metro Manila

Chicken Wings


Pancit (for long life friendship)

Day Two. 

Another round of our bonding.

I bought a shoes and I can't find a good shirt for my XXL size. Haha.
 I am so discouraged I didn't buy a new dress. Sad.
Is it nice? Lol.

And of course another round of food tripping!! 
Can't blame why I became too way fat.

Count the Star @ d Bucks.
SM City Manila
Upper G/F, Villegas St.cor Almeda St.,
Metro Manila

Us girls.

Cinnamon Danish -P65 with Choco Cream Chip -P170

Loaf Banana -P55 with Choco Cream Chip -P170

New Honey Glazed Donut -P50 with Caramel -P150

A kind of blurry pic.

I've got so much fun with Cherry and Diane for this food trip bonding.
 We will post another one very soon.

--end of post--


The Greatest Blessings

The title speaks.

The greatest blessings of my life calls me mommy. 

When it comes to pure love and true happiness my kids saves me. I can not think of more other things that made me complete all my life. Without them and my family, I am nothing. And surely I can't describe how beautiful life would be. 

It's August dearest readers! We have to think positive and be thankful everyday for another life with our loved ones and friends. Be blessed that we have our work  to enjoy and messed up the same time. Lol.

Last Sunday, the kids are excitedly cage-free. Haha! We went to eat in their favorite of course, kids first love - Jollibee. And my chance to bought a washing machine because my right arm injury never heals until this day so I can't really move it after finishing my laundry manually.

Here we go! (this time no filter)

My life Sydney, JB and Alexander.

JB wanted a solo and her siblings teased  she gone angry.

This time she is kinda shy and trying to make a "peace" sign.

Smile darling!

Ok, since Alexander and Sydney complains of hungriness we went inside.

Haha! JB can't wait anymore. Too hungry baby? Lol.

The very formal girl, Sydney.

And Alexander. Poor dear, got scratched on his face.

The super delicious Jolly Spaghetti

Ei, guys here's a budget TIP! Got a big savings once you order a burger and spaghetti family pack for only P364. It includes 4 pieces cheese burger, 4 pieces medium size softdrinks and 1 family size spaghetti, photo above.

Nice or what? Just don't forget to bring your Jollibee Happyplus card to earn points.

Happiness painted on JB's cute face.


 JB with her love, J.O.

Before we went home, JB requested again to have her solo picture together with Jollibee.

Ei, Jollibee fanatic. Still can't gesture the correct "peace" sign on her face. hehe.

That's ok, baby.

Visit the Jollibee!

Lumina Mall
Ground Floor, Lumina Mall, Aguinaldo Highway, Imus, Cavite

More of random pics.
 Sydney (photo bomb by JB and Alexander)

Groupie #1 (kids not yet ready)

This #2 is quite nice.

Pic #3 is ...what the...

The happiest people do not have the best of everything,
They make the best of everything they have.

-end of post-


Sizzlin' Afternoon

Howdie, readers! It's July and time flies so fast ever. Hope everyone is fine and everything is under control.

It's my first time to see these place even I have been in Roxas Boulevard a few times. If you wanted some good sunset aside from Baywalk then you must walk further more along Manila Yacht Club. Passed along CCP Complex, on the right way there is a plaza corner. And you gonna surprise by yacht and boats floating like a big screen on your eyes. There you can take the sunset and big city along sea side view.

The place is Harbour Square.

Baywalk Sunset.

Roxas Boulevard.

We hurriedly walk because the sunset is fastly disappearing. 

Small boats along Roxas Boulevard.

Actually, it's kinda disappointing because the place is nice when you wanted to be alone or something like you are emotional then the thin air that brushing your messy hair was stinky. All of the sudden the moment was gone. Lol. It's very polluted. I hope the government will find time to revive the area. Most tourist find these place a kind of awfully awesome in a mix. Hehe.

"I believe I can fly". Trying to catch these 'lil birdie.

How about these view? 

The city against the sea.

Some fishing folks.

Catch of the day, a bloody fish.

With my bloody friends.

Some edge.

As dark starting to set, the place came so romantically beautiful.

It's hard for me to capture the best photo while the water have lit lights drowning the water because my phone camera is obviously can't capture the exact moment. Oh sadness.

 Sunset love birds.


A marine portrait.

The most exciting part to enjoy is the no-way-to-be-hungry policy. Lol.
It's because fancy restaurants is everywhere in the corner.

If you wanted to know this might be helpful. Harbour Square click! 

I am hungry!

I wanted to create my own sizzlin' meal.
The answer - The Sizzlin' Steak.
Harbour Square
804 0500
CCP Complex, Manila

 Sizzlin' Steak is a homegrown brand under Teriyaki Boy Group Inc. (TBGI). It was launched in 2007 to provide the experience of Japanese steak dining in the country. It offers high quality beef, special sauces, and a hot-plate system served within an environment that puts a premium on product quality and service speed.

Visit their website. Sizzlin' Steak.

Burger Steak Set 

Beef Tapa

The food is very saucy-licious. Customers are satisfied on the first bite.

And so my friends, Ifi and Marites.

And the verdict.
Shiny, shimmering plates.

Next food tripping! See ya'll!

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