Unitop Christmas Party 2014

Wow, I can't believe it!

It's been a while of celebrating my four years of Christmas here in Unitop.

Now, what else has been updated? One more cute baby daughter, new house, and new debts. Lol. That is life. There is ups and downs but for sure we are walking bravely towards our dreams, right?

What else with Unitop as an employee? It's still the same. Nothing much has change aside from being so fat. Haha. It means I am eating all the way my problems in life. Actually it's not all so sweet. Some are bitter. Lol.

Congrats for staying my four years of Christmas celebration with my Unitop family.

I've got no picture to update only I can stole some from my friend Cherry. Got no new camera.

Here is some "stolen" pictures. Please note, editing is NOT allowed this time. Enjoy my stubborn fats! Hehe!

Yummy crabby! (With Anna)

(from L to R) Maricel, Neneth, Malou, Cherry, Shiela and Me!

Sorry this time no food picture. Waaahhh! 

Well, everything is a happy food. I enjoy much of them even with less food pic.

Find me....

If you can.....

With Chinese Gary, Rebecca and Neneth.

Last but not the least, with Shiela, Gary and Cherry.

That's all for the party. 

Thanks to the gifts I've got from the people who loves and not to forget me. How thoughtful and I feel so blessed. Thank you so much!!

Much thanks to my sister Joy who gave not only to me the Christmas happiness but also with my kids Alek, Sydney and JB! A big thanks to my brother Jerry to the gifts so ganda! Thanks to my office mates and friends Malou M., Neneth, Kim, Ronald, Sally, Madz, Shiela, Ruby, Carlyn, Ms Chua, Sir John, Ate Liza, Anna, Rufa, Karen, Cherry, and "Secret" Santa whoever you are! And of course to my young hero, J.O love you and thank you bebe.

 credit: Kapamilya logo

 Happy Holidays! Cheers!


Life Begins At 40.

It's September 16, we celebrated the 40th bdae of our dear friend, Ms Karen.

Again, Happy Birthday KAREN!

We celebrated the bdae party in Max's Restaurant at SM, Manila.

For Booking:
Address :2/F West Wing SM City Manila, San Marcelino Street, Ermita, Manila
Tel. No : 400-8803 /400-8645 
Max's Restaurant serve the best cakes in town. 

Of course, before we gonna eat we will paint some red tint on our lips.
For camwhoring purposes. Lol.

Warning: Tons of selfies. Prevent from constipating. Haha!

While we wait for our order.


Here's the most awaited..jan jan jan!!!

Triple Treat Cake - P495

Enjoy the combination of Chocolate Moist Cake and mocha and vanilla chiffon with a swath of mocha butter frosting and a generous layer of chocolate ganache. But, I am sorry this cake is available within Metro Manila only.

Cake in a jar from Cukay!!! Cool! I dunno where did Karen bought this stuff.

For dessert.

Halo-halo Special - P85 (ice cream on top-P50)

Perfect for cooling down,  Halo-halo Special is a delightful mix of Filipino sweets and rice crispies, with a scoop of ice cream on top!

 Yipee! She will devide the cake according to our weight. Hehe..


More cam-whoring overload.

Crazy faces.  

 Happy eating with friends.


The cake with umbrella..ella..eh..eh..

We ended up smiling and brought home my halo-halo. 



Happy 6th Birthday, Sydney!

It was so simple and plain. My loving Sydney is now six. Of course, I always wish for her good future and good health.

We celebrated her 6th birthday last August 30 which is Sunday although her birthday is actually September 2 which is Tuesday and I can't go with because I'll be in Manila during that time.

Flashback for a late posting of this event. Hope it will made Sydney to be happy once she read this post soon.

Happy 6th Birthday, Sydney Chinenye.

Here's the short-cut story:

Woke up 7AM, prepared coffee and bread. Milk for JB.

OK, kiddos ready!!

Checking for eye protection.

Kids seems so excited. :)

 Especially the birthday girl.

We went to church first before we went for a celebration.

On our way to church with JB and Alek.

Sydney so excited. (By the way, she loss her front teeth oredi.) hehe.

Sshh...Alek is praying. What is it...?

JB is still sleepy because we just force her to woke up.

The beautiful daughter of mine. Kisses.

Then JB bought some Red Ribbon birhday cake for her Ate Sydney.


Play... yell.. play... laughing...

After 10 minutes...
Hmm... I dunno girl.



JB would like to thank her Godmom Karen for clothing sponsor.

Weeee!!! The beautiful and sweet smile made our day so complete.

We eat in our favorite place (kid's choice), Mang Inasal located in Aguinaldo Highway,
Dasmarinas, Cavite.

Before we eat the cake, picture first.

Mom and daughter.

JB, Alek and Sydney

One piece chicken leg. Ordered 3 pieces. Only P99 each.

Halo-halo for only P49. 

Happy eating, Alek. While happy playing JB. Lol.

Then we stroll around after.

JB so busy looking around with her Ate Sydney.

JB so playful can't control of her. I am thankful Sydney was there.

Alek on his tablet.

Before we go home, kids requested to play in the arcade.

I was laughing because JB wants to play all things she seen.

Feels like driving.

The 'lil riding hood. Lol.

The three kids have so much fun in basketball game.

JB was so hyper active she loves basketball game.

JB cheats even she had no token she forcely gets the ball. Haha.

Ok, that's all for Sydney's birthday celebration. We all went home tired but happy.

For Sydney's gift. Let it go!!!
Happy birthday, sweetie!

God bless you more.
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