JollY kids in the Jollibee

Gee! I am back!

Sorry for that long silence. My lappy was devastated so that's the sole reason.
Now I am writing thru my Lenovo 6010 and my first time blogging thru my phone. Images is unedited.

Do bear with me. My phone seems so nice to me. 

I would like to finish this one OK?

My kids was all grown up and myself grow old too. 

After a couple of months neglecting my blog I'll make up soon. With my lipstick haha!

My Sydney.

Gosh, it's kinda hard to blog on my phone. The letters so tiny it almost blinds my eyes. And uploading is slower than the usual lappy. (Of course!)

My kuya Alek

Well the kids do enjoy eating here in Jollibee Dasmarinas. And they got too excited because we got our ass there at late night 9PM. 

Of course JB.

She was too happy when we go out at night. It's her first time though.


Final pose.

This month of Feb was so cold so if you are wondering to go out late night don't forget to wear jacket ok? 

Ahh.. I feel like it was still December and that made me happy and lazy. 😛 

Eating time challenge.

Goodnight guys! It's almost 12am here.

Blogging more soon. 😴💋

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