Hello, Myself!

Did you missed my own blog thoughts? Nowadays, my blog turned so bored and mindless as I kept depending on someone's image & notes. Well, thank you tumblers! Credits!

The reason was not to neglect an empty space of my blogosphere world.

So here we go again. An old fashion way of posting my kids photos.


Wake up my little awesome.

If you want your little life to be great, start it with a thankful prayer.
What a nice day to endure.

Very belated post but I like to share some nice blue photos where Kate went to her Pedia check. So we move along while my Darling stay home alone.

Syd in Blue

Actually. she just woke up & didn't hit any tantrums. Nice. =)

On our way.

"My baby, we're leaving take charge of our home." =)
Me & my Baby

Let's vroom on our blue horn. Hehe.

Inside the hospital.
How was the patient, should be patiently waiting? Lol. She's not.

" Oh, mum I am bored.."

Nat: " Hmm, Syd it won't be long, soon we go home"
Sydney (not convinced): " Ei, stop it i've been thinking.."

Kate weighing on her own.

And so that was it! We went home with McDonald monster on our hand. Slurp! I wonder what my good Baby prepared for supper...?
Hmm...any guess?

Well, mind not and encourage Sydney a little more cam-whoring. She does.
Hookay! That's enough Sydney.

How much should at least to pay a part-time model like yours?
Is this enough? Hehe. This not mine. Bleeh!


Got a shower with Sydney. Kept our hair tidy. Let the fresh scent filled our room. Grab my phone. Update a new song. Get my camera. Flash a smile.
The phone I used to like.

This is my eyes whenever I see my lover.

I told Sydney to come sleep with me yet she open the camera. Is that a hint? Ok, so we let our fresh face indulge the lens.

Too fat with my daughter's skinny body. Haha!

i SUSPECT that I was feeling brilliant while doing this!

Let's be honest that we have it pretty f*cking good.

Awesome. Just exactly as we are.

Let the flaw begin but wait! Stubborn pimple kept fucking on my face.

Haayyss... next! -_-

“Love prefers twilight to daylight” - Oliver Wendell Holmes


Who Needs Boobs Anyway?

Boobs boobs,
what’s all the hype for?
It’s as if you men have never
seen any before,
you stare if they’re small
you gawk if they’re big
for goodness sake their
only tits!
It’s no good telling you guys
our bra size,
you wouldn’t understand,
you only comprehend
when you’re sizing us up with
ya hands.
Some like the heavily endowed
whose boobs jut out in the crowd
and of course,
you love it if she has to run
as they have to be held down
to stop them juggling about,
then there’s the firm and pert,
nipples showing through her shirt,
making you sweat under yours
trembling like a bag of nerves,
but again, some of you men get
carried away and tend to talk to her
breasts finding hard to tear your
eyes away,
I really don’t know what the fascination
is maybe it goes back to when you
men were kids.

By Di42
image by yahoo.


Goodbye, Jaan

credit image :)

My Lost Jaan,

You really don't understand me.
No wonder, you probably never wanted to get to know me,
since that fatal day you have decided to put yourself away from me.
In the future, whoever I am with, I won't meet them while thinking of you.
If there's such a day that I have someone I love, at that moment,
I would have already erased you from my heart completely.
Therefore, you don't have to worry.
I won't stop breathing.

What is LOVE?

Goodbye, my love.
I won't lose out to the piled up memories of you.
Like the tears that tickle my nose to sneeze,
that is how these words are scattered.

Thank you for today.


p/s: net mail for the long lost PKS, the man who taught me to value the worthy but then I realized that true love never comes unless there's someone who's willing to give everything and never surrender.


Love Note

Dear Carlo,

Been so excited you will be here on Wednesday. Yipee! I love you more, Baby!

Loving you,




Baby ...



At least, now I realized .. save your heart with someone who cares.



I Feel So Sexy

I am fat but my baby seen my sexiness inside.

My chest are not 38 cupB but he caress it like he was so thirsty.

My flawlessness touching his manliness.

We had misunderstood 2 days ago but settled a minute of sweet kiss.

I was so bad physically hit him many times but he embraced me so tightly.

Oh, baby, my sweet baby...

Now I am missing you so much than yesterday.

And loving you more each day like the first time.

Thank you for lifting me up & not making me down.

I will be your good girl I might find it hard but gonna try.


“Our soulmate is the one who makes life come to life.” - Richard Bach

credit image


Eyes are Wet

I feel nothing ...

I feel like a shadow of darkness ...

I am sleeping but they don't know that I am just pretending ...

Where are you?

Feeling so numb ...

Just like to blast all alone ...

But I need to grip some hope ...

I need YOU, baby.


Despedida Party

Is it a party or a parting?

What else might it be? A month full of memories spent with my brother, Gideon. When he arrived we got teary eyes as well as he departed again going back to Dubai. He always told me that this was very hard on him.. leaving with your family and loved ones. But he can't stay with a trouble pocket in Philippines unless he gonna save more for best. Cheer up, my brother. Don't ya worry, your dreams will fulfill very soon.

HAPINESS! It's 2011 a year to share more loveliness in our hearts. Goodbye, painful past. I've defeated youwith a better steps. Thanks to Carlo Junne, my soulmate.

And of course, it's not my sentiments to occupy this blog date. I am gonna share some moments, I mean last bonding with my beloved brother.

Night of January 04, we spent some "salo-salo" or get-together party with family & close friends. Let us see some served food plate.

Our invited guest.

The Fernandez family.

Nwabara, Cuizon, Mahinay & Fernandez family. Sounds nice, eh?

Alek on food standby.

The most fave - Sr San Pedro's chicken.

The all-time-best Inihaw (grilled) Tilapia

The blockbuster sinigang na bangus (stewed milkfish).

I thought that sinigang would failed its attraction to our guests yet this one HIT the most. Applause to my Baby who made it clear that he was a great chef. Lol!

Goldilocks saucy barbeque.

Grilled bangus.

All fish was served so fresh & taste really sweet because it was still alive when my Baby brought it home. Yet, Sydney kept on murmuring like: "Bad Dad, wawa fish". Hehe. It means that Dad was bad, fish so poor. What a pity feeling of a 2 year old daughter.

Go, go EAT!


More pls!

Let's start nomming.

Big guys don't cry. Lol.

The party wouldn't be nicer without this cute lil angels.

More kids, much fun.
Rica (Fil-Japanese), Alek (Fil-Chinese) & Sydney (Fil-Nigerian-Chinese)

My kids blended with a Chinese blood because my mother is a half Chinese so maybe they got 1/4 drop of its blood. Haha!

Nanny with Kristoff & Alek of course. =)

Kristoff tagged by Sydney as "Momo Baby" because he bit her.

Wohoho! Lots of kids.

Sydney telling Kate to look on cam.

Party Ended.

January 05 - The Parting Time (sober)

My loves.

Posed before we go.

Inside the van. Gido can't hide such sad feeling.

Nat, Kate & Me - A happy mood.

Pretty mood.

Flirting Gido up to the last moment. Lol.

Joy excitedly embraced Sydney.

Yet Sydney didn't get much of it. Lol.

We didn't talk much because we have to get to the airport early so we decided to have our dinner at Binalot. A Filipino type of food serving.

Menu table.

Or if you're too blind to see menu table here's the menu wall. Hehe.

Waiting for the order.

Cam-whoring while boss is ordering.

Who wants belly soup? Here's my fuckin' belly overflowing...ewww! wtf!

Actually, I like the ceiling. I didn't snap for Gido here. Lol.

The unfading model

Uhm... nothing to say.

The spoon & pork. Cute!

Now, the await is over! As in OVER!
My Tapsilog (actually, Alek ordered same)

Gido's Adobosilog.

Chixsilog of Arnel

Bangsilog of Natie ( I wonder she always choose Bangus..?)

Joy's longsilog. I ate the small part. Hehe.

Beef soup.

Fried Lumpia.

Ice tea to submerge the thirst.

Gido wanted this all!

Gido didn't know I took this pix while he's cam-whoring.

Everyone busy eating. What's the nature of a cam-whore? Always ready! Joy, Nat & Syd is a certified.

Attention please!


Then I gotta exit to find a comfort room to pee of course & cam-whoring also.
I told myself not to stop.

Hmmm.... ok guys let's go.


Then we proceed to final destination -NAIA.

Alek with Syd

Playing around the airport.

Gido whispered he's leaving loaded with sadness. :(

The twins last fight.

Playing with the two girls.

All bright smile.


Alek snap Arnel snapping too. =)


Well, the ending was a mixed emotion. happy because we got to blend a nice Christmas & unforgettable New Year with my brother, Gideon. Sad because he needs to be in Dubai to prepare bountiful future. We love you, Gido. Don't ya worry everything will be alright.

Keeping the love fire.

Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life! ~Albert Einstein

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