Inspiring Poem

All Because of You

Author: Kate Reneigh Woodruff

I awake each day with a smile
And greet it with a laugh;
The world is a treasure to me
Because of you.

Every time I think of something sad,
I replace the thought- with you!
My mind is instantly changed
And my heart is filled with gladness.

Every breath I take is meant for you,
I live this life surrounded in joy
And I bathe in the promise of your love,
My soul belongs to you.

Each time I see something beautiful
I want to take it and bring it to you;
My life has so much meaning now
All because of you.

p/s: thank you, baby for all the sacrifices, you traveled so far just to reach me.
thanks not only for the love (it's always given) but most for the respect because you never raise voice or been angry even I got lots of stubbornness ^o^ ... what I like from you was you never insult or drag a bad name for me, that's Respect! What is love when respect is absent, right?
And thanks because you were born for me to take good care of, to spend a lifetime happiness and to enjoy more of our humble moments.


Unbarred Smile

No need for us to spoil our happiness just because of something or someone which will only cause us stress and worst misery. Unless it was worth to cry for, right eh?

I knew how busy you are doing something nice for yourself, rendering your equal time for your demanding boss, having pleasure with your good friends, or maybe just doing nothing at all.

Whatever is that, I just wanna share some precious moments and pure smile of my love ones. I thought it was worth published though. If it is not for you, well then surely for meeh!

Quality time. Thinking way back, I used to be neglectful with my own family time especially on my little tykes. But now, I got it 24/7 which assumes not to be permanent and cause only a lil bit of delay. Phew!

As a result, of course a golden memories.

How about that? One day it rain so hard but nothing can stop the bond with my wet flip flops. Hehe. Mad cool!

Just what you're thinking exactly! Planning to get inside with this very small door? Naah!

Bloody heavy! The weight of Kate or what? Obviously, not to mention enough.

My wonderful "Sistah-in-Loh". Weeheehee. On a lighter note, her was a kind of obsessed about going somewhere or anywhere she thought will amazed us. Awesome!

Perfect Trio!

Her cuteness, no need to elaborate. =)

Blending of color, bloody cute!

How about going "Tiangge"? It was pretty serious to saved when you go out and buy something for your kids. We are all cheap-stuff fanatic, admit it. Last Wednesday, we decided to blew our boredom out of our shell.

toy balloon = P20, water gun = P35 but when you buy 3pcs assorted toys it's only 3 for P100.

Kate's kiddie star shade = P35 (comes with hairclip and tie), Naty's smile = Free, pushcart = free of charge and of course, Sydney's smile = Priceless! ^.^

Tired man! Better go home.

Time for Mama Kate to nap her baby. :D

Ahem, finished! Time to burp the baby.

Now, maybe her baby needs some rest.

What I mean is rest... not rest in peace .. the baby doll is dead on the floor.

Night comes. Before we go our tired bed, sometimes or maybe more often, we do some nasty and silly photo session. The founder, of course the very makulit, Alek my son.

I can't help but gagged. Really, can not imagined freaky things.

Alek instructing the lil ladies how to strike a pose.





What a smile... hehehe!

That was so fun! Another shelf of my memories. Soon to update more of photo loads. =)

Since you get more joy out of giving joy to others, you should put a good deal of thought into the happiness that you are able to give.

- Eleanor Roosevelt


My Journey

There is nothing like cumming 8 or 9 times on your dick and leaving it soaked with my juices. I never thought I would find another able to make my spine tingle and my pussy twitch at just the thought of you. You was able and did a DAMN good job at making it happen.

Walking in the door and stripping to match my nakedness, taking me in your arms and kissing me passionately, rubbing my nipples and clit, simultaneously sending pleasure through me from head to toe. Passion and compatibility enveloping us as we do what we do.

The slight curve needed to reach my g-spot and make me explode in a continuous fashion. My ability to drop to my knees and make you grab my head and fuck me in my mouth. Pulling the very essence of your existence through that tiny hole at the end of your dick. Mouth full, I would slowly twirl it around in my mouth and swallow it. The entire act only making me want to do you again and again and again. Calling him My Love and me your Baby as we fucked each other silly and fell out into a deep sleep that would last only a few hours and be back at it again.

The connection felt like electricity. Maybe it is true what they say about a love fucking. The GREATEST show on earth. Uninhibited pleasure, the change of positions without missing a beat, the way your dick filled my pussy, the look of pleasure on your face only making me want to fuck you better and better to keep it there.

Middle of the day text messages to say damn that shit was so good last night, I'll be back tonight. Never once did I send one in return to say enough, damn I need a break cause my pussy is just too sore. Instead my response was always give me more, give me more! Like the greedy bitch, that I am, I always made sure my daily tasks have been completed by a certain time of day because well, after all that good dick, I knew I would not want to clean a damn thing. Just lay my fat ass in the bed with a satisfied grin on my face.

Image credit: amazon
Poem credit: Multiply Friend (sorry can't find her but OK she's damn sexy)


Kick Your Fuckin' Asshole!

Live my life worry-free! Oh, tie the black long dick on the banana tree! Tangle your fuckin' 10 inches lousy dick off your bed!

It's my time to kick your black ass off the ground!


Assorted Pleasure

Yes! I knew I am very idle when it comes of blogging but who cares?

I am happy, delighted, pleased and glad. Phew!
The above adjective words means all the same, don't teach me, idiot! lol!

Well, I just wanna have fun and I am having it. Here's some tons of photos in different place/date taken. Enjoy! :)

Note: A blog after blog post due to urgency of carelessness.


During our food trip to Mall of Asia.

The must-try Seafood Pasta! Very nice.

If you wanna be super stronger like Popeye the Sailorman then here's yummie spinach for you.

Hmm, what about spicy lovers like me? This one for us if you wanna punished your tongue with burning sensation of mouth watering chicken spice-sweet-sour veggies.

After getting filled to utmost capacity of life's goodness then a refreshing watermelon and milk shakes for a bottoms up!


Let us start "Roar!" lol.


Stomach intact after the super nice supper.

By the way, check other specialties of Harbor View must have to serve your plate.

Harbor View is located at South Gate A, Rizal Park (beside Ocean Park), Manila with telephone nos. 524-1532. Harbor View Bistro is at Building F, San Miguel By The Bay (behind Mall of Asia), Pasay City with telephone nos. 556-4953, 710-7309, and 09219808008.

We dragged ourselves to the bay view of Mall of Asia obviously to weigh down our tummy.

Chasing after my very "kulit" niece Princess Kate.

Self-centered cam whore. Hehe.. :D

First Timers

First time is always been the most remembered. It was been the most exciting moment of our life, right? We forget somethings but never the first event. You can't deny the fact that first impression never last. So, plan your first moment filled with long lasting memories.

This is the first time bonding of my kids and their cute cuz kate. Far from behind my handsome son, Alek. Center, my own Rihanna version, of course my awesome daughter Sydney. Front, the chubby cute niece of mine, Kate.

Then share your own "first time" moment. I knew what you're thinking...hmmm...next blog pls..

Ok, guys! Now, I guess I have gained peace of mind after sorting some important details of my life. Maybe, planning for a better future or what?! For now, I got no idea because I don't wanna think about it. Hahaha!

Well, I can truly say that the best part of my life was I am blessed with good people around me. I got a great family, beautiful kids, and of course a special person that inspires me to do life more better, laid-back and stay with my feet on the ground.

I got tons of "Peekture" but as usual so lazy to update my blog on this stuff. I will try next time around. It's August already, yipee! My daughter's 2nd Bdae is coming next month, though. Hmm... let us see then.

Hohoho! Four months to go more, Santa!

Be happy because I am. If the person you got to loved faithfully doesn't even care for your feelings then go and do NOT think twice to fuckin' leave him. Anyone deserves a faithful love even the beggar or the smallest parasite on earth. Wohoho! I am just happy that I finally kicked the Fucktard out of my life! He was the most inconsiderate creep that stole my heart but doesn't even deserve my forgiveness. If you're my close friend then you knew who I am talking about.

Time to go now. Hope you enjoy a beautiful life. Just boils down more Courage.

“Watching you walk out of my life does not make me bitter or cynical about love. But rather makes me realize that if I wanted so much to be with the wrong person how beautiful it will be when the right one comes along.”- Anonymous


Talking To a Black Dick!

I knew not all woman have experienced talking to a black dick. I never assumed nor expected I can talked and worst had a lousy fight over the dirty-black-dick!

Oh man! I am sure you and everyone else will puke after this non-sense topic.

Well, this was started when I felt so bored and realized that everything meant to be end. That was it! I told the illegitimate man like this:

"In the option I have right now, at least one person will get hurt. There's no perfect solution, only best option. Let's have closure. You don't have a daughter. Forget her. I don't know you. You never knew us. Thanks for all the wrong thoughts, failed dreams, and fake memories. God bless you, Sydon."

But it's so true, I expected he won't never bother to move his fingers and wrote his own self-centered SMS. Because I never failed got a NR (No Reaction) from this very illegitimate man when I am trying my best to get connected over the rights of my own daughter, or I mean "OUR" daughter.

But then, he text back:

"Whatever is your plan over my daughter I cannot hold you back but time will tell, if you are loosing patient and plan to deny access to my daughter up to you, if I survive my predicaments the water must flow on it's rood, I advice to stop that treat (maybe he means "threat",why am I a threat, when and how? Moron!) and pray for me I won't forsake my daughter, that child is my blood, *some text missing*

What the hell are you talking, man? Since from the start you never been a "Calendar Dad". What I mean for you to understand, you should know your obligations. define it! Stupid! I don't need to bother by reminding you. By the way, maybe you forgot or memory gaps already because you're an old man already. Maybe you need a brain vitamins instead of cock vitamins because you we're too good on that!

I never answer his message but the lousy old black man sent a lousy fuckable message again!

"Bear you in mind that I still have my plans for my daughter, if you through (maybe this man is so stupid in defining a right word, eh? Wrong spelled, moron! It's not through, it's throw. Stupid! Strike two!) her into street on the cultural illicit life of Philippines young girls life, you have a query to answer from god, and her counter suffering will be on your head, that is my child I have plans for her this is still morning in her upbringing, so *some text missing*

What a fuckable and shit-able message I have received in my whole life! Why, what are your very vulnerable plans for my daughter? That was almost two old years of lies, Sydon. Don't act like a goddamn innocent! You knew what the truth is. But I doubt you can't see any single truth of your words because you enjoyed too much lies. And why you fucking dragged our country huh? Why can't you see yourself, your own moral dirt? Actually, you can't understand what I am saying right now. You're a self-preacher of lies yourself!

So, I wasted my time by texting him back.

"Are you defining yourself? Since from the day she was born you never shake a milk for her or change her diaper. Don't wash your dirty words over my face. She won't need a coward."

After a few minuted he said: " Ok, up to you."

Huh? What kind of man is this? Then I replied:

"Yes, it's all up to me. How can you face yourself in the mirror knowing you have neglected your own blood? Your plans was drawn in the water. You're a living liar. Now you faced your own karma."

I thought he will realized how wrong he was since two years from now. But the self - appraised Sydon replied like a sitting king on his own bowl of shit.

"After laughing at me you also laugh yourself...karma...You really think my life is worse ok no wahala ( what the shit you talking,Sydon? I don't have any local dictionary to define how worst are you!) gather the kids if you like you sell, but bet me I must be *some text missing*

Hey, bitch! Come on define the word "wahala" because even the most credible online dictionary can't tell. See.

No results found for wahala:
Did you mean Whala?

Ok, I am not stupid like what you're thinking, Sydon. It was you're local words. Now go back to the jungle where you really belong!

This is my final message to the late Sydney Uche Nwabara. Rest in Peace!

" I am not a worst person like you. I knew my responsibility. How abut you? Don't wank too much coz your brain drained already. I can't believe you act like a 6th grader."

That was done. See how I shared some useless thoughts. Hope you suffered annoyance too.

Any fool can be a Father, but it takes a real man to be a Daddy!!
--Philip Whitmore Snr

Ps: Credit image here.

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