The Lil Comic Story 5

My six (6) months journey

The highlighted photo 

It was JB's 6 months little journey. As she's been afraid..she got no cake-- again! To make her feel special on her monthly bdae we rush for a baby's day out on The District Ayala Mall Anabu.

As I am tagging along with the kids, Alexander and Sydney was too busy chatting each other inside the bus ruining the silence the passengers might jump of annoyance. Well, kids was just enjoying the moment.

And we went to no other than the famous to all kids- JOLLIBEE!!

Welcome to Jollibee! Cropped the fat face.

 So the lil' princess seated on her throne. Lol.

The sweet Sydney.

The cute but hungry Alexander.

He said thanks to his daddy.

While we were enjoying the crunchy Jollibee chicken and the creamy Jollibee spaghetti, the lil' JB was fighting on herself against the high chair. She was so irritated that she can't eat well her Jollibee salty french fries. "Get me outta here!!" She screams on her baby way (that only her understand) with her mouth full of Jollibee salty french fries chewed with her saliva dripping on. LOL! Of course thanks to Jollibee! Haha!
Got her big fat ass on my lap. Again, cropped the fat face.

JB: "Oh em gee! Why this salty thing was so yummeh, Mom?!!!"
Mommy: Ehem, I just don't know my child. Go eat. We're almost finish.

JB: "What have they got inside this thingy? So yums!" (nom nom nom)
Mommy: "............." ( In silence.. noticed it was the last piece of salty thing)

JB: "Whaaatt?? No more salty thingy??! Waaahhhh..."
Mommy: "Easy, my child we buy more on the next decade"

Poor JB, enjoying the last piece of her Jollibee salty french fries. I hope she won't eat her lil' hands.

The perfectly Jollibee fried french fries.

The still-shocked-baby after eating the fries...traces still on her cute lips.

I am showing off her cute shoes for no reason. 

Ok guys, that's all for today! Been busy to take my way going home because heavy traffic is anticipated. Happy Halloween!!

One more...

A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for. Author Unknown

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The 'Lil Comic Story 4

Another photo update for my baby Jewel Blake! It was her 6 months and 10 days old. Later this week I will post another batch of her "The 'Lil Comic Story" book Chapter 5.


My baby was sooooo cute and chubby. As she grows up, I have noticed when everybody wasn't around she will cry. And if everyone was busy chatting or talking she listens and turns head to the person talking. 


I am a lucky mother of three. My first child was my son, Alek was thoughtfully sweet When he was 3 years old, he used to hug me every time he noticed that I am sad and will told me that everything will be ok.
My second child was my daughter Sydney was the shy type. Unlike any other kids, she chooses to step out of the crowd and observe. But Sydney likes to kiss and hug me and telling "I Love You's". 
My third child was Jewel Blake. My daughter was so amazing. She never annoyingly cried. Until her age right now she never cried too much. Only when she felt so alone or scared literally on her dreams. Even she woke up, she only played. When she asked for milk, she won't cry but murmuring some baby talk.

This is how she cried. The lips are sealed and only tears will shown. Best actress! Agree or what?

Oh my baby...oh my baby... I am missing you so bad. I am going home again to come and kiss you. I will be amazed of your surprised reaction once we met again. It was like you and me has a lot of common things. We smile, we giggled and we loved each other.

To the readers who missed the other chapters: The One, The Two, and The Three

Enjoy reading. Happy long weekend guys!


The 'Lil Comic Story 3

Sorry for the outdated post of JB's 'lil footstep. Today, I am gonna post some cuteness of her monthly bdae.

My four (4) months journey

Before anything else begin, I am showing you the highlights of this post.

Her cuteness! Jewel Blake...

Ok let us begin.

(The no-more-cakes moment)

Yup, honey. Only spaghetti and "pandesal" (filipino bread) for you.

Oh yes, babe. Come on.

Move on, sweety. Lol.

Here's one for you!
Happy Four Months Bdae,Jewel Blake! Cheers!

My five (5) months journey

I knew this one is a re-post picture but to update the absent readers. lol.

You're so cute baby!!

Ms adorable.

Mom loves you so much more than everything.

Spot the different. Clue- skin color. Haha!

That's all for today, folks! Thank you for reading my small page.

Keep on smiling everyone.

God bless us all.
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