Don't Act Like A Virgin. No please.

Hurray! Please I wasn't born to entertain stress. I'm here to give you the best of me to make you happy.

Well, if I fail then the door is wide open. I don't want to look down a man unless he is in between my legs, gets?

Disappointed but I need to focus. Yup, I forgive but I don't forget. Dissed me? I didn't forget.
This is life don't play games with me.. Because I can play better than you so don't dare.

I'm alright now. It's just a matter of adjustments. You know, some routine should be fucking change for better. Think I gotta text first to receive a text? I've dropped ya. Haven't talked in a while... Keep the big ass moving.

That face.

Yup, as I've said I just stop talking to them all together... Best way to be. (Slow clap)
No expectations. Never disappointed.

If you don't need me, I won't here to beg. 
So don't flatter yourself.
Just less people I gotta worry about.

Friendship + Food = Happiness

Best formula of being a human. We don't live longer so make the best effort to make yourself worthy.

There is a lump thoughts I hardly hold.
I knew it will take a little while for days but not for too long. This made me far better to be stronger.

Avoiding me is not a suicidal. Achievement unlocked. My life don't give a fuck about anything that will stressed me.


A-Food-Able To Go

Wanted to go out with friends while having a food fun without murdering your pocket?

Here we go, guys! We have a bucket list.

Bon Chon.
Chicken fans! Their chicken was so nice, crunchy, sweet and spicy! Oh it explode on my tongue. Very affordable. Budget P100

After the battle in the office. Tired faces.

Yey! Food is served.

Bet your P100 to this crunchy spicy stuff?

The Chicken Burger. Perfectly crunchy.

This spicy caramelly chicken is a bomb.


Don't be afraid. P100 will go down well on your tummy without constipation. Lol.

Priceless moment with friends.

Thumbs up Goldilocks!

A piece of pork barbeque and drinks is P100


Crave no more! Without worries.


A Second Chance (House Kui Tea House)

Another day of food tripping. Well, it lessens though. I am reducing food intake these days not because I'm on a diet but my wallet does. Lol.

And if not due to my sponsor probably I won't take a second chance. I blamed her.

But with all the same goodness, I can say it's worth coming back. And maybe I'll treat my man here soon.

Nice dinner with nice friend Sally.

It's an awesome kind of dinner because we haven't bonding like these for looong time...last month was the last?? Err...

Serve with tea.

Sweet Spicy Fish Fillet 

Some veggie soup (I forgot the name)

Mixed Vegetables

Garlic Rice

OK guys, it's superb! Everything is delicious.
If you're craving for an affordable and awesome Chinese dinner you must come and have try House Kui Tea House.

Authentic Chinese Food along Binondo. 
Google for exact address. Lol.



The Late But Not, Gerry's Poknat!

Slap! Slap! Slap! In the ass!
I knew it's late post but who cares, really?
Nobody noticed it because I'm solely reading my blog. Hassle free right? Yup, trying to talk on myself. And convincing myself too.

I might begin with Shierly's bdae which held on September 2, same day with my daughter though.

 The celebrant and me.

Of course, we had a good time together. The place is cool. It's held on Gerry's Grill in LuckyChina Town Mall. 

Ei, girl love yah!

Session begin.
Building more memories with you
Because you're leaving me, Kim.

The gang.

Waiting for food.

The crunchy and juicy fried boneless bangus

Pork Sinigang Soup with the famous Gerry's Grilled Sizzling Plate.

The overly romantic chicken.

For long life! Palabok.

Let's get ready to rumble!!



Ramen Kuroda

Want some fantastic Japanese noodles, honey?

Oh yeah, highly recommended!

Come and visit Ramen Kuroda at Lucky Chinatown Mall here in Binondo, Manila.

The noodles are firm and long. And the budget is affordable. One noodle bowl is enough for craving.

Photo of the moment. Aka Ramen with Gyudon and fruit bowl set of P360.

I guess it became a habit that every pay day is friendship day. And in every pay day, another pile of food expenses that need to be settle. Lol. #friendshipgoals


Tell me your order.


Just showing you some condiments.

While they're busy..

Ok guys!

I'm a kind of satisfied with my phone camera that all my photos are natural. No edit and stuff. It's sometimes not good enough. But it's nice to be perfectly imperfect.

Kuro Ramen P180
Recommended! The Classic Ramen featuring special garlic oil and a delicate tonkutso broth created from a secret recipe.

Aka Ramen P180
It's the perfect spiciness in this dish. 
Enjoy your fill of this piquant tonkotso soup

Katsudon P220

Let's us all eat!

Ramen Kuroda located in 3/F Lucky Chinatown Mall, Reina Regente St., Binondo, Manila


Kenny Rogers Roasters

Another food tripping? Who's to blame with my extra heaviness? My friends still sexy even they've finished the whole plate.

The whole gang excitedly waiting for food.

 Wacky to ignore being hungry. Lol.

A bright smile for bright kids.

Eating timeee!!

Cheers for the good food!


Sharing time with your friends and laughters everything is just so perfectly awesome. Thank you, Lord!

More soon.

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