Today I've got an SMS message on my phone that JJ was gone.

I've hesitantly contact Bebe to confirm and sadly JJ was gone. I can't help but cried a tear. JJ was gone.

Blank words. Empty heart.

Everything was so fine until I've last saw him. Fed him two carrots and got his cold feet. It was Typhoon Maring and Habagat that caused him death. The coldness maybe.

 I don't know. JJ left me! I wanna blamed myself. Maybe if he got a nice place to sleep with he wouldn't be gone. But it's too late..

Rest in peace JJ, my pet rabbit. I love you and we gonna miss you. I swear I will be a broken heart without you. One year of your life with me has made me happy.

It was exactly same month when I have you. August 2012 when you made me cheer of having you. And August 2013 you left me.

I will read your blog and I will cherish our moments together HERE.

Goodbye JJ. 

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