The Storm Falcon

I was on my way home yesterday June 23 the day I wouldn't forget. For the first time I was stranded on a heavy traffic and stormy moment. From Espana, Manila to Welcome, Rotonda I'd freakingly walked to a waist-water road. OMG! I wondered if I can walked to my way home. I suddenly felt worried for my mother I knew she would be more worried-to-death because apparently I can't send her a text message because my phone was totally dead.

So, when I started walking in between the flood I saw a middle-aged woman and approached her. I couldn't imagine walking alone. The said lady which named Ana was so delightfully change a sweet smile. So to cut the story short, we both walk in the middle of nowhere because we both not familiar with the place. After a one and a half hour walking and amazed (too!) with the number of vehicles stranded, we both felt some at least courage to walk more. The funny story, I wanted to pee then Ana told me: "Enjoy your pee, no one can notice because it's all flood." Hahaha! But then I looked to somewhere where I can have my "nature call".

Then finally, we found out ourselves standing in the main road of Quezon Avenue. Alas! Thank you Lord! So Ana and me happily went home. 

Lesson learned, use you common sense in the time like this. Don't just wait for the next event. Strive for your own success and survival. More importantly, pray more. I was so overwhelmed when I get back home with my kids hugs and kisses  and with my mother's prayer.

“The world is a stage, but the play is badly cast.” - Oscar Wilde


Sydney Struck the Stars!

Aloha! Hello to all my readers from Hawaii. Hope everyone enjoys a bit of my post.

I would like to extend my warm regards also to my readers from Dublin, stay tuned my loves.

I would be hating myself if I would not mention my grateful thanks to all of my followers from Albi, Midi-Pyrenees, hope you guys enjoying a sort of thing.

Then to all of my loyal readers from Bangkok, Krung Thep warm regards to you, my sweets!

Ahem, how was life there at Mountain View and Sacramento, California? Thank you guys for stopping at my page.

Of course, Tunapuna, Saint George was enjoying my recent post, all appreciation with you guys!

Assalamu Alaikum, to my dearest muslim readers from Jiddah, Makkah! Peace brothers.

Last but not the least, of course to all of my loyal readers from all over Philippines. Kumusta!

My apology if I forgot to mention some of my avid readers here. From my heart, I would always be thankful.

Finally, I would like to post some cuteness which happened last June 11, 2011. I was invited by my elser sister to visit the Going Bulilit taping, a very popular t.v kiddie (gag) show airtime every Sunday 7:30pm on ABS-CBN. Ahem, endorsing? Why not?!

My daughter was super-duper excited because she was an avid fan of the so-called show.

Sydney the heart-shape face.

Hmm.. my daughter looks more beautiful than Chacha Cañete.

Addt'l info of Chacha: - Chacha rose to fame when she appeared in an ad for Camella Homes. A loveteam of Bugoy Cariño.

 With handsome Nash Aguas. 

More on Nash: The fourth Star Circle Kid Quest Grand Questor. He was also a cast member of Gulong ng Palad, Calla Lily, and Maria Flordeluna.

 Sydney with Mika dela Cruz and cousin Kuya Echo.

About Mika dela Cruz: Mika is the younger sister of actress Angelika dela Cruz. Mika was the second runner-up finisher on the third season of Star Circle Kid Quest. She was recently in the show M3 ( Malay Mo Ma-Develop) with Jairus Aquino.

With Noemi Oiñeza. This young lady was looking so great on up-close and personal.

More on Noemi: Noemi is the younger sister of Goin Bulilit graduate, Jane Oineza. She has also appeared in Princess Sarah as Lottie Leigh. She also played a ghost in the hit teen horror movie, Villa Estrella.

 with Kobi Vidanes.

About Kobi: The son of Kapamilya, Deal or No Deal Pilipinas, Game KNB? and Showtime (TV series) director, Bobet Vidanes, & ABS-CBN Executive Cory Vidanes.

Here's the cute story, when we approached the "big young-man" Kobi, he was so fascinated with the African beauty of my daughter. He shouted Nash for an attention and they were all looked so "Ohh" to Sydney. Then asking me if the dread lock hair was natural. They chorused "very cute" to the little Hale Berry. Then the mother of Mika dela Cruz was too amazed with Sydney's cute hair and eyes can't help herself touching Sydney's heart-shaped face. Pretty awesome!

With Alexa Ilacad, Syd, Me and Kuya Echo.

About Alexa: She is also a part in Goin Bulilit and will appear in Nasaan Ka Elisa? as Elisa's youngest sister.

W didn't had the chance to got a photo with the other cast member of Goin' Bulilit due to other reason. No further discussion on that. Maybe some other time we gonna take some chances. I promised!
A future practice of a soon-to-be-model. Perfect!

How to become happy?

Of course, let yourself be happy all the time to keep your heart strong. Work with fashion. Fashion your passions. Boost your professional career. Rid those bad thoughts away. Love your kids more than yourself. Respect your better half. Add patience to every distance. Most of all, ask forgiveness to your mother who sustain energy and air to your lungs while you were on her tummy. God created and put you on your mothers womb so no one can replace every mother and no woman can duplicate the mothers love.

Motherhood is priced of God, at price no man may dare to lessen or misunderstand.
~Helen Hunt Jackson


I just love it!

Hello readers!

Haha! That's what I liked these days and onwards. I would like to be thankful guys in supporting, reading and viewing my blog post. Yes, I admit strangers, haters and lovers of me helped my blog raised up my hits.

Applause! Well, I recommend not to hate me too much because you will suffer uncomfortableness, dizziness and maybe suicide if you can't control yourself reading a bit of my thoughts, yeah right? Admit that! Thanks to my Feedjit Live because I was on reviewing my super-duper-over gaga readers that visiting me here.

You guys was so great. Thanks for the email too from my few but loyal readers. I don't need a damn huge readers which will only create trouble on the way I thought and the manners I wrote about my post.

Only if you wanna puke and disapproved some of my english notes here then get out of here, moron! I am not entertaining here for you, ok? I got tons of visitors and readers all over the world then you are saying to blog me in native language??? I wanna faint! That's so ridiculous! How would be my foreign readers understand if I post Tagalog or Cebuano language here?

Well, I am not complaining though. The truth, I was too busy with my career. I am Auditing too much paper from my office. No time to Audit my own blog thoughts.

Much love and appreciation.

I will blog more soon, guys! I promised to be good. Lol.
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