Love Ko 'To

McDonald is the best and very convenient place where you can share love and time with your love ones. Agree or not? It's cool and if you we're exactly the "budget-type" it's a must!

Come dine with us. ;-)

Ahmm... delicious or not? It's a toy accessories you can put on your mobile, wallet or bag.

But before we go for a McDonald date, we went to claim some money  from Sydney's papa at Western Union. Patiently does. lol.

Sydney on her comfort zone.

We claimed $180 not bad enough, eh? On our way to McDonald, we spotted some sexy girls I'd took some ass evidently so flawless... oh yeah!

pic 1

Oh.. ;-)

We ordered the following:

Mc Spaghetti with regular coke - P50 x 2 = P100

Chicken fillet with regular coke - P50

Ice cream cone - P15 x 3 = P45

Happy Kids.

Alek excitedly sluurpinggg on the spaghetti. Yums!

While Sydney can't choose what to eat. Lol.

 My pretty skin now so obvious. I will let you know my "secret" on the next post.

Oh guys, I'd took some photos about this Mcdonald chain accessories. A must buy. =)

Mc Coffee chain 

Mc Fries chain

McDo double patty chain

Alek the handsome

Sydney the beautiful

The happy diners

Going home with a full tummy.

Older Moments with Carlyn

As what I have said above, McDonald been my bonding trip so no need for me to elaborate why and how we discuss it already. Lol.

One day, after I get the call from Sydon and confirmed my flight was scheduled, I'd asked Carlyn (my room mate) to dine IN at McDonald. We celebrated the good news. Hola!

Twin order 

Tadah! My twin lol! Carlyn my good friend and my room mate.

The hungry birds...I mean hungry pigs.. Hahaha!


Let's go HAPPINESS, let's go MCDONALD!
I do. =)

Love you, guys!


When It Rain, It Pours.

 Some good things really never last. And sometimes, someone we loved never meant for us. Yes, painful but it's true. Things happened for a reason. The good part, even I've lost someone so dear to me the dad of my kids tied up their communication with me. Thanks, God!

The daddy of my son was there after the "war" we reunited again for the sake of our kid. Now, they both talking/chatting and believing that someday they could turn time to bond.

Another blessing, the dad of my daughter communicates with us after two years of silence. OMG! I thought this could never happened. Yet, I am tear eyed every time the father talks to his daughter. I saw the sparks in my daughter's eyes that I've never seen for a longer period especially when both of them chatting.

Thank you, God. After the tragic part I thought I will never survive.
Yesterday, it is a sunshiney Sunday so I brought the kids to 7-11 to catch up some refreshing moments.

Poor Sydney, got sick for a week. God bless you, my love.


The Handsomeness

Taste the BIG gulp only at 7-11. Lol.

Dunkin donut bite!

After the dunkin' bonding, we went to Shaw Boulevard thru MRT the kids do enjoy with the sight seeing. I am planning something special apparently we never get the thing supposed to be done. So we go back home with tiredness. Hurriedly, anticipated for the ice cream. It's Rico Jay's 13th birthday.

Japanese Sushi for Rico's birthday.

Chicken Adobo

The over-fried chicken. But still yummy.

Happy eating!!!

I need to sleep guys. It's 10:43 pm Manila time.

By the way, I put Xian Lim on my desktop. Very nice.
So what can you say, guys?



Revenge is Sweet!


Taking during dinner with my girlfriends.

 (But I won't update about the photo, later will be better.)

Today is such a boring day! I almost yawn a hundred times wtf!


My boss wasn't around (good for me!) because he went to enroll for his CPA review class.

Last night I was very dizzy, I had chatted with the father of my daughter. Ehem, I think this is the best time we need to talk for the benefit of our loving daughter. He phoned at very late night 11PM but I didn't get the call. I was too busy putting some greasy mayonnaise on my curly hair. You heard it right guys! I said mayonnaise, I snatched some from our fridge.

LOOK at my hew hair!

So I patiently awaited for the anticipated call from the dad.

One rang I excitedly pick it up. "Hello?" - coming from me. Lol.

"Hello, baby. Are you online? Where are you, Ma?" - from him.

Hmm, it was realistic that some blood rushing through my heart did I heard it right... he said, "Ma"?

I put myself back then we settled to chat over to settle more on pending matters of our kid.

I wasn't really surprised with how he looked now. He came thinner than the last time I saw him. Maybe stressed of his marriage life. Hahaha. Poor guy. But then we talked in a civilized manner and full pledge diplomacy. Lol. I never fought or blamed him about the past not more on neglecting our beloved daughter. Maybe I was too tired to open and dig the healed wound. No need I just want PEACE.

We end up a good conversation and I just kick the can down the road. Only that I wish a grand happiness for our daughter. He really had the good plans over his head. So hoping God will grant the prayer.


I almost fell on the floor it was 4 AM before we both noticed the long reminiscing. I couldn't help but realized that even I hate him the most it was all of the sudden gone. The connection we crafted for more than 5 years ago never gone. Magic of life.

So the part of conversation is sealed. I might say, hello Kuala Lumpur!!

That was it, guys. On the next blog ahead I will update my next travel to Kuala Lumpur.

The Girlfriends Day Out!

Recent before this blog post we went to SM Manila, we had so much fun. I've skipped uploading our KFC dinner because it will take a decade before the photos will upload. OMFG!

The BBG's (Blue-blood-girls) 

More cam-whoring!

I am proud of my flawless white skin. Lol.

The self-centered.

Tag Happiness!

Due to my absence in updating my blog, the rate was poor. :(

P/s: No one will give you happiness but yourself. Be beautiful.
Fish for compliments.

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