Citismash Badminton Center

Looking for fun or outdoor activity? This one I'll recommend. It's not only enjoyable yet it will burn your excess fats the same time. Lol. Take your friends and bond together! Healthy wise!

After office, my friends have decided to have some fun. They were scheduled to play in Citismash at around 6PM. I guess you need to call/book first before you go and play because it's hard to reserve a court especially on week nights.

It's only walk-away from our area so it's more fun walking along with my girlfriends.

 Taken around 6:30PM

 Citismash Badminto Center Badminto Court
#931 Zacateros Street, Sta. Cruz, Manila
(near corner T. Alonzo St.)

Me on shoe selfie.

I really wanted to have an activity like this because I am too way fat now!
Baybaypig Emoticons 97 
I can take it no more!

After I gave birth 2 years ago and gosh I know that's too long for postpartum  depression with regards my stubborn belly fats, I guess I will change my lifestyle from now. 

See you guys next soon I will blog about food tripping again. Haha! This crazy crocodile on my tummy needs more patience and perseverance. Don't worry I will show you that I can be sexy next time. Lol.

How about fat pairs?
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That's pretty hot.

 My friends. 

After I've played I guess I have loss one pail of sweat and loss my right arm too. Too tired but happy.

Chicken! I think I've loss some pound. Lololol!
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I need to loved this tummy part. Haha! We love our curves and we are proud of it.
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I think I need Belo, (the famous surgeon of stars) to get rid of fats faster.

An hour of playing badminton is enough so it's really not bad this time. It's goodminton oredi.

Dinner is ready!

Then I declare martial law! I should be strict on what I am eating. Less rice, less soda...

Hello, Mr Ube! I missed you that is why I came back. Lol.

See my prev post on Mr. Ube. 

And of course we ordered our all-time favorite.

The Ube Siopao.
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It says, "Masaya Mabusog Dito". 


Ok guys, see you again!


Let's Us Go, Paotsin!

Have you tried to eat in a very thrifty food, neat place and friendly environment?
This is it! The place to go in one.
Price is very affordable, place is clean and the service is nice too.

Spell it - PAOTSIN!
Paotsin Dumplings with Laksa Soup- P60.

A taste of coconut milk in a spicy and crunchy dumplings. Wow!

 Paotsin Dumplings with Hainanese Rice- P50.

The rice serving is good enough to fill your hungry stomach. And the crunchy dumplings is such a good partner to satisfy your crave. P50 is reasonable enough for a thrift mom like me.

I am not "kuripot", I am just a saver. Lol.

Come let us eat. Again here.

Lucky Chinatown (Ground Floor)
Binondo, Manila

See you again on the next food tripping.

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Manila Cathedral Church

Do you guys love historical places? Intramuros, Manila will bring you back to memory lane.
The last time I was in Intramuros was during my college years so let me count back. Secret! Haha! 17 years ago, wow! I guess it's nice to see those old places where you remember your ex-bf. Lol.

It's partly for the health benefit and partly to shoos away bored thoughts. This time I connived my friend Cherry to take a walk with me in Intramuros. I don't have a hard time convincing her she promptly said yes.

I was quite skeptical when she told me we will use Delpan bridge because it's the shortest way from our office in Binondo. Oh no! It's really scary when you walk along the squatters area the suspicious looking faces are very cute. Lol. Kidding aside, we use to inhale all the polluted air of Metro Manila. We powdered our faces by dust and we tanned our skin by direct sunlight. Seriously it wasn't awesome at all. The most scary part when there's some tall but skinny black guy walking behind us. I was almost running so I guess it loses my weight ten times.

HeyHeyPig Baby Emoticons 45
We almost reached Intramuros about 10 minutes of walking-jogging due to nervous breakdown moment with the stranger.
 What if he runs after me and declared "hold-up!" or will snatch my bag and he will burst out with much resentment because my wallet had only P100. Or worst, he will kidnapped me then drown myself to Pasig river? Oh em gee! Noooooo!
HeyHeyPig Baby Emoticons 49
That's enough.

When I set my eyes to the place, after wind blowing my dry hair it was like nostalgia. I've heard voices rather old echoing voices of my old college friends laughing at the back of my mind. The church stood still for long years and the people goes by rather praying or some are those like me taking photos.

Touchdown Intramuros.

Intramuros (Spanish, "within the walls") is the oldest district and historic core of Manila, the capital of the Philippines. Also called the Walled City, it was the original city of Manila and was the seat of government when the Philippines was a component realm of the Spanish Empire. Districts beyond the walls were referred as the extramuros of Manila, meaning "outside the walls". More to read.
Tourist from other countries enjoyed snapping photos so do I. Lol.

The Manila Cathedral Church
The nostalgic effect.

Invading the place.

The cathedral was originally the "church of Manila" officially established in 1571 by a secular priest, Juan de Vivero, who arrived in Manila Bay in 1566. De Vivero, the chaplain on the galleon of San Gerónimo, was sent by the Archbishop of Mexico, Alonso de Montúfar , to establish Christianity as the spiritual and religious administration in newly colonized Philippines. De Vivero later became the vicar-general and the first ecclesiastical judge of the city of Manila.

Ok class, read more about Manila Cathedral.

What more can I say? Gorgeous!

Palacio Del Gobernador

Palacio del Gobernador literally translated as Palace of the Governor but correctly known as the Palace of the Governor-Generals is one of the edifices found inside Intramuros. It is a stone throw away from Manila Cathedral and it is fronting Plaza Roma.

 Let us learn more.

The Ayuntamiento de Manila is a building located at the corner of Andrés Soriano Avenue (formerly Calle Aduana) and Cabildo Street in Intramuros, Manila, Philippines. Also known as the Casas Consistoriales, the Ayuntamiento was the seat of the Manila City Council, which consisted of two alcaldes (city leaders), eight oidores (judges), a clerk, and a chief constable.Destroyed in World War II and reconstructed thereafter, the building now houses the offices of the Bureau of the Treasury. More.

Ayuntamiento de Manila.(Me standing like a friendly ghost.)

Ayuntamiento means excelentísim. In English, "most excellent".

 And speaking of "ghost". How about the scary version of church?

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It's almost 6PM.
Dinner time. Chowking time.
HeyHeyPig Baby Emoticons 42

Chowking Fried Pork Siomai -P79.

Chowking Halo-Halo (without ice cream) -P43.

Chowking Wonton Soup -P39.

Ready eat!

HeyHeyPig Baby Emoticons 35

Hope you guys visit Intramuros and the Manila Cathedral one day. It's the sacred and full of secret place that you gonna enjoy. The old times and the historical ambiance that you welcome is very awesome. There you can also see an abandon building which I wanted to capture. But Cherry was too scared even with the thin glimpse of it. Maybe next time.

HeyHeyPig Baby Emoticons 21
I'll eat now. Ba-bye!
(credit to cute emoticon-HeyheyPigBaby)


Mr Ube Rice And Noodle House

A must try! 

If you are craving for affordelicious noodles. This is for you guys!

We all wanted an affordable and delicious noodles not only to satisfy our taste buds considering the pocket friendly meal too, right? My friends told me that I am so "kuripot" or the real miser. Of course, if you gotten 3 beautiful kids you needed to be. 

But this time is a great news if not good. Lol. For the wiser mother like me, Mr Ube food list is very nice. And would be great more if you bring a friend. Another awesomeness if your friend pays for you.
Agree or what?
Yipee for that! 

In the world of boring life after I've punched out my time card in the office. You heard it right, our office is still using time cards in this very animated and modern kind of a world we have right now. Lol. 
While I am soaking my office uniform in a small pail with my pale face, my friend Ifi called up in my other friend's cellphone. Ifi doesn't have my personal number that is why.

Me: "Yes, Ifi what was your problem"?
Ifi: "Calling you is a problem quickly?" 

Me: "Not really, why you call?" (kinda surprised)
Ifi: "Since you like noodles much just like me, I am inviting you for a walk in Ongpin."
Me: "Oh yeah in Binondo. But I've got no more penny right now." 

Ifi: "Ssshhh... that's why I've called you, it's free." 
Me: "Hu---what?! Free as in FREE?"
Ifi: "Yes, repeating my words??!"
Me: "Wow, I thought some food tasting."
Ifi: "Don't tell anyone, it's our secret. I'll pay the bill don't worry."

(Smiling at the back of my head)

Me: "Ok, can you wait for me in 30 minutes? I am on my laundry right now."
Ifi: "That's alright. Don't let me wait for too long ok? 30 mins. Bye."
Me: "Oh thank you so much, Ifi."

After I'd hurriedly changing my clothes. I've left the laundry undone. Lol. This one I suspect so cleverly greatness-ever. I must be ready in 30 minutes.

Walking from our apartment going to office (Ifi was still in the office) it's only 5 to 10 minutes walk. If you walk like a beauty pageant contestant. But this time I was there by 3 minutes only. Yup, no kidding. I walk like a soldier though. 

(Calling Ifi's local number in the guard house)
Me: "Hello Ifi, I am here down stair in blah...blah..blah..)
Ifi: "Huh! You told me you'll be here in 30 minutes. It's 3 minutes only and you're here?"
Me: "It's better to be early than you change you're mind..hehe"
Ifi: "You're an addict! Wait in a minute."

To make the short story shorter. We order one BIG noodle soup and two siopao.
My sweet friend, Ifi. (the bloated me in the background)

The table. 

Everywhere is bright purple interiors and mirrors too. I managed not to took photo anymore because we both hungry during the time. The staff is friendly so it's a plus!

Free soup. Princess Yvonne Emoticons 5 

Singaporean Laksa Soup - P150. (good for 2)

It's super wow! The texture of noodles is very fine. You finish the noodles with full satisfaction. It's not really spicy but you can ask for additional chili sauce if you like.

Another photo view to crave more.

Ube Pao (meatball)

The siopao is very yummy. Unlike other siopao it's big but the meat is very thin.
Mr Ube, siopao is big inside and out. And very delicious too.
Sorry I forgot how much exactly it cost. More or less it's P55.

What are you waiting for?

Order now.

Mr Ube and Noddle House
#707 Ongpin Street, Binondo, Manila

I can't wait no more.

Diet is cheated. Again.

Thank you so much, Ifi dear.


Bataan Brizo Beach Resort

A part II post from the previous, yes exactly -- continuation.

NOTE: A two months and seven days very delayed post.

It's alright folks, still wanna share some experienced with you guys.

Now we are going to Bataan!! Yipee!

Me excited.

Touch down Bataan!

Ok, now here we are at Brizo Beach Hotel. I wanna give some important notes about the hotel. Honestly, we are expecting some nice outing experience. But for myself I really don't get it, is it a hotel then why the served food wasn't good??! Err, ok I am not a chef though but I can cook nice food than them. Lol. See for the photos later.

I am not writing this only to complain ok? This is brighter than the summer day. I am sharing what I have been experienced. It's not worst then. I dunno what word should I use? Disaster?

After the long sunny trip, of course my tummy's pet worms are dancing very wild oredi on my very large intestine. I am much excited than my friends and thinking of hot and juicy hotel food that later will goes down my wide palate and esophagus.

We are so hungry! So we are really expecting for the big BOOM. Hehe.

Then ...
Hiding myself against the sun.

That guy on white was the server.

So freakin' hot it's true!

 Nice right?

In between our hungriness I can wait no more! Ahh! So excited to eat.

Clap your hands! The most bitter ampalaya I have met my whole life.

Considering it was served from the premiere beach hotel + villas + resort as they claimed!

I am just honest. Hmm..maybe I was wrong. Let us see from other stuff.

I can say that this one is nice. Was just disappointing it was like very "budgeted".

To those who says, "it's because that's buffet!" Later, I will show you.

Spicy Chicken Wings.

I've finished the food instantly not because that I am hungry but because the scoop served was too small for my tummy. I eat like a dog that is why.  

My plate. Is this the buffet serving? Minus the rice because they've run out of it.

Grrr! They're not really prepared. -_-

Banana con yelo

Weeee! We are so happy Brizo gave us this. Thank you!

 Cheers for that! 

Wow! That is super fried noon. Lol.

The whole area.

I was quite curious. Why it's kinda different from their FB page? Hmm..
photo credit here

I've never been here. I've seen this in Brizo's neighbor. Are they one? Anyone please tell me. Lol.

You know the feelings of disappointment? The whole page you were looking on the internet was so nice. But then we you are on the actual place it turned out very different. And when I'd looked on their neighbor side I've seen this..? It's funny right? Or maybe the area offers much high prize?

Ok enough of this complains. The actual place is small. Readers, the photos will tell you.

This is the entire place. The bottom was the main entrance, facing the hotel (left side).

Ok that's me. Lol.

This the right side (facing the hotel). There is some cottages as you can see the 1/4 sight. Then there goes our back the sea. Hopefully you got some pictures on your mind now.

After the lunch we proceed to relax into our room assignments.

The room is nice. With two sets double size bed.
My bed. So blue and comfy.

The yellow group. On green scarf, Jane Amor obviously the outsider. Hehe.

Selfie-ing before going downstairs.

with precious friends.

Me, Ifi, Anna Jean, Cherry Ann and Jane Amor.

In between 40 degrees heat during that time, we just ignore that and enjoy the crispy surrounding.

 A watermelon contains about 6% sugar and 91% water. It's really good especially during this season.

Cheers again!

The Godfather (Ninong) of my third child, Madz.

Beauty sacrifices. (tiis-ganda) The view so awesome I need to fried my ass. (ouch!)

Psst! At the background was the place I am telling you previously (the neighborhood) where Brizo used photos in their Facebook site. I am really confused!!!??

The sea was so tempting I wanna swim yet sunburns might probably welcomes me.

At least, our feet will not getting sunburns

We have no team building because everyone was so lazy. Instead, I've enjoyed kayaking.

Yes, that was me on my delivery of my unborn baby. Haha!

The kayak team.

Crazeeh peekture.

Around 5PM, I was so tired and went to my room. Fall and sleep.

I didn't wasted my time taking snack and dinner time photos. But if you ask me what they have served? Colorless spaghetti in a styrofoam with junior bite size hot dog in a stick. Kiddie party? And dinner was pork sinigang (tamarind broth) which is not sour and savoury at all. Oops, wait! It's expensive la! It's worth the prize to pay if it taste super yummy. Prices is significantly higher which is not worth at all. It's like ordinary food you can buy around the corner. You know what I mean? It's better to buy some pork barbeque outside.

And the worst, they served undying iced tea from the moment we arrived until we left.

Our Last Day in Brizo:

Good morning! Hello, breakfast.
 Wow! One piece sunny side egg, One piece pork longganisa, one tablespoon pork tocino and hot choco.

Ready for the next activity.

 Feeling model. In senti-mood.

Shadow pic.

I like it! So heavenly.

Some goods. Please take note, locals sell this for P100 for 3 pieces. But wait before you grab your money. Because when our bus was about to leave, they will approach you P100 for 5 pieces!! What!!

I wanna cry because I got three pieces only. Huhu! Tip, next time don't be too excited to buy ok?

Some key chain. P100 for 4 pieces. But once again don't be too excited ok?

Our last "tour" in Bataan.

Read my lips.

You can see the sign board from the right side -- P20.

Weeee! I am too excited I can see some sea creature. Maybe in different color? sizes? OK let us see.

Cuteness overload when you enter the area.

They sold these small key chain for P20 each. The more attractive and bigger it is like P25-30.

Fridge decor. I forgot how much they sold this.

After we found these items, I was asking my friends, "where's the turtles?!"

Here they are!

Say hello to my cute friend! Yup, they got no more turtles. Only a family -daddy turtle, mommy turtle and these one. I thought they're only kidding that there is no more other species here.

Only to found out these turtle cycle of life.

Self educate. Lol

At the back of the Pawikan Conservation Center.

No other spot for you to take some photos.


Some innocent kids.

And some innocent me.

Thanks for the experience, Bataan.

Dear Bataan,
Even you are too far from Manila yet the moments with you is unforgettable.
 Some issues is excluded. Lol.
Love, JennY

Bye turtle family.

Going back to the hotel.

Our last day in Brizo.

I need to capture more swimming pictures for more irritations. Sorry. Lol.

Anna Jean looks pretty hot.

The fatty bells-(bell-bells!)

Me, Shierly, Anna Jean and Cherry Ann.

In the sea..

I have enjoyed the sunshine until 8AM only because it was super hot already.

For the final groupie

Goodbye, Brizo.

All comments/opinions are not valid until you have experienced Brizo. I wasn't so impressed and less likely reach my expectation. I am not mean. I need to tell something because I was really there and not sugar coat it. Punch me if you proved me wrong.

Have you try New York Style Pizza? Click here!

Or should I say with mouth wide PIZZZAAA!!!

Their pizza is not just super yummy but extremely delicious and very big! I am not a fan of pizza but New York Style Pizza is one of the very best if not superb pizza in town. And cheap too.

A must try!

It's the best pizza at the Pure Gold building at the Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Olongapo City.

 Wowwwww! (Sounds like super hungry if not dead hungry)

And I also ate at KFC. (both NY pizza and KFC is just door away). Not really hungry eh? Hehe.

If you are interested about Brizo visit their website:
Brizo Morong Bataan

Happy Summer 2015
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