Two Months After!

A big sorry to all of you readers. Well, I admit it was so busy I couldn't get a moment of my life updating this online journal if this what we call.

Uhm, this past few months I was really striking a tired moments of going to office then home. I used to woke up too early as 4am coz I got two students already -- my son and my daughter. And aside from that it was so busy and too traffic from Cavite to Manila everyday. I admit I am too tired I almost wanna give up but because of my three kids I am still gripping for a hope. It's hard but I am tough and stronger this time.

End of this lomg statement... I wanna post or should I say update some pictures of my kids.

I have been lazy and this would be a chop-chop story. Lol.


And this caption with Sydney and Alek. I will include some speechless entry ok? I am running out of words. Lol. Sorry, guys I am just a lazy mother blogger.

 Jewel Blake been a happy-healthy one month old baby here. Damn cute lah!


Gift from God. My kiddos.

The dad and the bebe. Hehe.

Yawning with Kuya!

Hello cutie pie!

The peaceful world from within.

Buns of joy.
The clumsy look! Haha!

Burping time. Sorry blurry!

You want trouble or what? Lol.

Feeding time for my JB.

Thanks for the S-26 Gold milk for making my bebe so strong and healthy. Promoting eh?

This pic turns me smile like a crazy mom.

Serious baby.

A mom of three.

So tiny and cutie.


A piece of cake and 12 slices pizza for my girl on her 2 months.

Blow your candle baby, go!

Happy kids!

I am going out so I promise next time to post for another bundle of joy. Thanks God for making me happy. Wanting a family now I do have. So guys, count your blessing and pray.

Ok, kisses on your ass. Lol.
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