Luneta Park (Children's Playground)

Everyday of my going to office from Cavite to Manila, it's always a head turn for me the beautiful Luneta park. During my college years, I often visit Luneta with my classmate to do some group study. And this time I wanna be here with my kids.

Ok, I wanna promote this awesome landmark of Manila to all of my foreign readers out there, hope you guys come visit one day and enjoy.

Some basic history to share.Rizal Park or Liwasang Rizal in Filipino also known as Luneta park is a historical park located along Manila. This place is one of the favorite Sunday family bonding of Filipino and one of those foreign spot also.

Next time around I will post some photos about Luneta park and the historical event of Dr. Jose Rizal and why it is called Rizal park, etc.

Some random pics with my kiddos. Oh before I forgot, Children's playground is P10 entrance fee only for kids and kids at heart. Lol.

Alek on his shoe house. Very cute!

"Mom, our new dream house!" ;)

Scary dino at back! Look-out!

Obviously, both Alek and Sydney didn't enjoy the dino they thought it will transform into reality and might eat them. Bwahaha! But yeah, it affect me too..scary thing. :-/

The scared kids. Lol.

I am shouting like "Ok, kids one more pic!" But Sydney was running out and said "Nooooo!" Hehe.

Cutie Syd..and she will be more cutieness minus the couple. 

Alek and (still) the couple at back....grrrrr!

Syd and Alek.

Of course, we went along with our lil angel -- JB!

The awesome Jewel Blake enjoys every sight. Kisses my baby.

And she didn't cry the whole time. She just look around and smile.

Baby pink.

The tree house

I wish I could have my own tree house too.

Sydney was scared and cried she thought she will fall down.


Alek on slide. Ei, I've missed my childhood days. I used to go slide and play even the whole day.

He run around and enjoy every slide as he can but Sydney just look around and tired.

She chosen to be on her girlie way --- sit back and relax and pic!

Going back on Dino Land. Lol.

Enjoying the Dino buddies!

What if this Dino would turn into a real one? errrr....

Lovin' the Dinosssssssss.....

The red dino wanna kiss her. Lol.

The squash lil house for lil kids.

The lil Syd.

Looks like beggar or hungry now? Poor babies. (still inside the squash house)

My young hero with our daughter. He still refuse to took a pic but I am too fast to capture him. Hehe.

That's enough and will post another soon.

Enjoy life. Enjoy love. 

Everything is temporary. Happiness in our heart and peace of mind can never replace any comfort feeling. I am thankful God gave me this wonderful people.
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