Fishing For Happiness

Looks like my page is under renovation again. To much busy eh? Yup, normal I guess for a family oriented mothers like me. And the high lights for this year was my new house or should I say my new own home. Yup, having my house for 3 months and 10 days was like a year already. Maybe time flies fast and I am getting older too. Yay, I will be turning 36 this year. Next project should be a small business or perhaps a transport service for my 3 kids.

Happiness all over!!

 Getting my house for renovation next month oh God please lend me some money. Maybe a double lock to the doors? Hmm.. I think grills will be the nice one for window frame and doors.

I need to rob a bank by now!!! Lol. My mini garden is not enough to provide me a financial assistance. And my little farmer JB is working too slow. The milk payment is higher more than she work for my garden...aarrggghhh!!!  Lololollll!!!

The 'Lil Comic Story model at once was now The 'Lil Farmer JB' I guess.

Whenever I do some planting, JB is a total destruction! She always stepped on my poor plants. Anyway, she also enjoys planting. My squash as you can see on the back ground was now so big. Compare it here since my last blogpost about my planting 101

That by next two months perhaps I will show you the full progress ok?

For now, JB needs to take good care of our plants more.

Double the watering, daughter it's summer your plants are thirsty. Lol.

Soon to post -- 2015 Summer Splash and JB's 2nd Bdae Party!!

Keep an eye. :)

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