Hello, Myself!

Did you missed my own blog thoughts? Nowadays, my blog turned so bored and mindless as I kept depending on someone's image & notes. Well, thank you tumblers! Credits!

The reason was not to neglect an empty space of my blogosphere world.

So here we go again. An old fashion way of posting my kids photos.


Wake up my little awesome.

If you want your little life to be great, start it with a thankful prayer.
What a nice day to endure.

Very belated post but I like to share some nice blue photos where Kate went to her Pedia check. So we move along while my Darling stay home alone.

Syd in Blue

Actually. she just woke up & didn't hit any tantrums. Nice. =)

On our way.

"My baby, we're leaving take charge of our home." =)
Me & my Baby

Let's vroom on our blue horn. Hehe.

Inside the hospital.
How was the patient, should be patiently waiting? Lol. She's not.

" Oh, mum I am bored.."

Nat: " Hmm, Syd it won't be long, soon we go home"
Sydney (not convinced): " Ei, stop it i've been thinking.."

Kate weighing on her own.

And so that was it! We went home with McDonald monster on our hand. Slurp! I wonder what my good Baby prepared for supper...?
Hmm...any guess?

Well, mind not and encourage Sydney a little more cam-whoring. She does.
Hookay! That's enough Sydney.

How much should at least to pay a part-time model like yours?
Is this enough? Hehe. This not mine. Bleeh!


Got a shower with Sydney. Kept our hair tidy. Let the fresh scent filled our room. Grab my phone. Update a new song. Get my camera. Flash a smile.
The phone I used to like.

This is my eyes whenever I see my lover.

I told Sydney to come sleep with me yet she open the camera. Is that a hint? Ok, so we let our fresh face indulge the lens.

Too fat with my daughter's skinny body. Haha!

i SUSPECT that I was feeling brilliant while doing this!

Let's be honest that we have it pretty f*cking good.

Awesome. Just exactly as we are.

Let the flaw begin but wait! Stubborn pimple kept fucking on my face.

Haayyss... next! -_-

“Love prefers twilight to daylight” - Oliver Wendell Holmes

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