It was me.

Finally, on my wilderness.

=== Subic bay ===

I've done a lot of mistakes.
But I am human.
Got no perfect, who does?
But I am not arrogant.
I might be snob. But I am friendly.
I got sick.
But I can get well.
Thanks for the support.
Love and care.
I counted you inside.
Heart and Life.
I have you.
You have me.
It's forever. Even if you deny me.
You allow me to touches you.
Now it will haunt you.

Please be humble and kind.
Life too short, life too beautiful.
See our shoes. We used to step on them everyday.
They brought us to different places.
Happy and sad.
But despite it all, shoes were on our side.

 Simple plan is to become a happy me. Black and white. No pretending.

Call me naive but I am happier this way. 
I don't have much expectation.
I don't need to prove myself.
Because of thinking less,
I experience more.

Courage from the heart.
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