Being Fucked up!

I don't understand why you assholes just kept on pushing my back?

No one can pretend despite of my silence. I am not reacting anymore yet some stupid people kept harassing me telling somebody and building a horror file of lies. I don't bother if you kept on putting me down but damn you idiots pulling my son's rights for his goodness. I am just gathering my wicked side if you insist to fry me out huh! Wait for my dark revenge you fucking retards!!!

I really can't stand it! I kept my mouth shut and moved on but behind my back their putting the trigger. Okay! Let us start the fire, morons! I just thought some of their pointless and lousy tactics of spreading mouth germs I thought it would be finish.

I hate retards! So lets get to the point shall we? You damn asses out there could come and check this blog out any time your useless lives have so-called 'extra' time, the same goes to those who are jobless and always have time! You got a wonderful blow job huh? How about being proud of fucking to someone's relatively related on blood? What a shameful fucker!

I am gonna post about everything that goes on my wonderful thoughts --anything! Get it, old fucker?

I'm gonna go now and leave yourselves wondering what I'll write next. Till then - go fuck yourselves.

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