Letter To My Unborn

Rizal Park, Luneta on my 16 weeks

My Angel,

I knew it wasn't fine at first. I was afraid and not ready for this new battle of life. I was been selfish to you and think only of myself. God knows, I have sinful thoughts on you which until now haunted my soul. Despite of my weakness you have been stronger to hold on. You are screaming inside my belly and pray that God's glory will saved you. Yes and it does. I am so sorry for being self centered, my baby. I am trying my whole best to give to you the chance of good life and to see the moon shining so bright. For you to feel the warmth of the sun and the promise of security against the battle field coming into your way.

Days passes by when you moved around my belly and now I am feeling you more closer to me which held more love to me for you. I love you Angel more than you ever know. You  will be part of my dreams and trophy of life. Very soon I am gonna see your small finger nails and tiny smile. Excitedly anticipating to share bundle of joy with you and will follow your small foot steps.

My baby, I might not be a perfect mother but I assure to give the perfect moments though. There will be no one like you in any place of this world. For you are the seed of God that has given for me as a reflection of being a true woman. I hope one day I make you proud being your mum and your friend. Because you have made me complete already as a human. 

I love you, my angel.

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