The Merry 2010 & Happy 2011


Let's start this year w/ full of LOVE!
Hand in hand we can. =)

Holidays been ended! Sorry for I never updated recently but as I promised here's the few I can consider as one of the best Christmas and happiest new year I had with my family.

I bought some gifts for my kids and of course for my Baby. He refuses though, but I still insist. I gave him something nice as a thankful gift for his kindness and as a loving dad to my kids especially to my daughter. Thank you, baby! I will ask more of you ahead this year. Hahaha!

her new baby named MOA short for Mall of Asia coz I bought it from there.

I bought some fashion socks for her.

Not only sock but a black leggings too.

Funny because she's cam-whoring at the back.

New 3 pair of socks for Carlo and Alek.

New Polo Shirt for Carlo.

Girlie dress for Sydney.

My red stripes blouse.

Alexander's choice of red Avatar shirt.

Orange shirt, another one for Alexander.

My Model.
Kissable Lips.

Sweet smile.



More of my top models.

Kate with Sydney

Sydney with Alek


And of course, showing off their new pair of shoes.
Sydney's Advan shoes only P250

Alek new shoes, a gift from Tito Gideon.

Family's food bond before the traditional Medianoche of December 24th.

Simbang Gabi or Mass at Dawn.

The family that prays together, stays together. (minus Alek coz he took this pix)

Joy with Arnel

The evening comes with tons of love, joy & celebration for the Christmas eve. Mostly the guys prepared for their drinks and "pulutan".
Carlo been busy cooking with his special pancit.

Natie on her task of grilling .. or cam-whoring? Lol.

The Noche Buena Feast
Special pancit

The kids loves the pancit so much.

Lechon Manok from Sr San Pedro. So yummeh, 101%!

Oh, you're so sweet Leche Plan (Egg Custard)!

What's in a box?

It's the colorful fruit cake blast!

Karaoke for addt'l fun.

The refreshing buddies.

A moment like this.
Bulgy eyes

Shut Eyes

Wacky faces

Love face (w/out flash)

love faces (w/ flash!)

Just like to acknowledge not only such a loving soul to me but thoughtful & sweet-funny guy. You might hate this, baby yet this is my blog you can't stop me.

Dear Baby,

Despite we rarely seen each other but I counted those 21 months we've been together you almost perfectly never gave headaches/heartaches to our relationship. I knew mostly the times I was the stubborn head yet you manage to patiently smiled back over my tantrums. I can't calculate the sum of your love over me. I try to subtract or divided the time & love I had with you. More expectation, more painful it is. Avoidance of truth. Experiences really charged me. But baby, you were too great because you never ask anything. Because I had ask everything from you. Haha!

Great love I had with you, baby. I knew if you read this blog you gonna complain again with my very transparent emotions. You always teased me as "Emo". Well, thanks because you never pretend since day one of our love. It's hard to find real love. Someone that was so true & comfortable with. Someone I can spank his ass. Haha! Someone that identified the real me. Someone who loved, trust and cared for me.

Sometimes When We Touch
Blurry Kiss

Cathing a rabbit. Hehe!

Don't look on cam drama.

Smoke gets into our eyes. Lol.


Love Flooded
family in red

Christmas really for Kids

And, also for kids @ heart

A New Year's Celebration!
Syd & kate happily anticipated

Kids xoxo cute & kulit!

Alek & Angelo

"Ei, yo yo..what's up man?"

Wait me till I've become a man.

New Year's Feast

Beef Caldereta

Shrimp Pasta

Macaroni Salad

Beer Partners
A mixed of pork skin, tofu & some hot spices.

Tilapia fish soon to be grill

More Sweets to Share
Kutsinta (brown rice cake) & Puto (rice muffins)

Biko ( Sticky Rice Cake)

Fruit Cake from Goldilocks

Another sweets from Goldilocks

Ube (Winged Yam) - a gift from our neighbor

See the evidence, the box of ube.

Maja Blanca ( White Beauty of a Pudding)

Tip: If you like your Maja Blanca & Biko perfectly taste then let the drunk guys do the cooking. Look.
Pau was very drunk still done well with the chores. Lol.

Pau with drunken Gido

Least of all, don't ya forget the 13 kinds of round fruits. =)

The More, The Merrier!
The more? But where's the people?

Err, I mean - the more smile, the more fun.

I look so pale wtf!

There's a sayings that wearing polka dots would bring you luck. Goodluck, Syd!

Alek xoxo excited, dancing with the beat of fireworks.

Welcome 2011!

Photos above looks like there's a fire on a neighborhood but that's a fireworks display.

Catching Joy took some pix.

Watchin' over the window

January 01 6:00 AM
Carlo singin' while Pau dancin'

He manage to be a nanny & singer at once.

Sydney looks so annoyed with Carlo's voice.

The 2011 Young Model

Pretty obvious, Sydney got the potential.

Very cute!

So remember to tag a wide smile this year of the rabbit!

True love is not how you forgive, but how you forget, not what you see but what you feel, not how you listen but how you understand, and not how you let go but how you hold on.
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