Mr Ube Rice And Noodle House

A must try! 

If you are craving for affordelicious noodles. This is for you guys!

We all wanted an affordable and delicious noodles not only to satisfy our taste buds considering the pocket friendly meal too, right? My friends told me that I am so "kuripot" or the real miser. Of course, if you gotten 3 beautiful kids you needed to be. 

But this time is a great news if not good. Lol. For the wiser mother like me, Mr Ube food list is very nice. And would be great more if you bring a friend. Another awesomeness if your friend pays for you.
Agree or what?
Yipee for that! 

In the world of boring life after I've punched out my time card in the office. You heard it right, our office is still using time cards in this very animated and modern kind of a world we have right now. Lol. 
While I am soaking my office uniform in a small pail with my pale face, my friend Ifi called up in my other friend's cellphone. Ifi doesn't have my personal number that is why.

Me: "Yes, Ifi what was your problem"?
Ifi: "Calling you is a problem quickly?" 

Me: "Not really, why you call?" (kinda surprised)
Ifi: "Since you like noodles much just like me, I am inviting you for a walk in Ongpin."
Me: "Oh yeah in Binondo. But I've got no more penny right now." 

Ifi: "Ssshhh... that's why I've called you, it's free." 
Me: "Hu---what?! Free as in FREE?"
Ifi: "Yes, repeating my words??!"
Me: "Wow, I thought some food tasting."
Ifi: "Don't tell anyone, it's our secret. I'll pay the bill don't worry."

(Smiling at the back of my head)

Me: "Ok, can you wait for me in 30 minutes? I am on my laundry right now."
Ifi: "That's alright. Don't let me wait for too long ok? 30 mins. Bye."
Me: "Oh thank you so much, Ifi."

After I'd hurriedly changing my clothes. I've left the laundry undone. Lol. This one I suspect so cleverly greatness-ever. I must be ready in 30 minutes.

Walking from our apartment going to office (Ifi was still in the office) it's only 5 to 10 minutes walk. If you walk like a beauty pageant contestant. But this time I was there by 3 minutes only. Yup, no kidding. I walk like a soldier though. 

(Calling Ifi's local number in the guard house)
Me: "Hello Ifi, I am here down stair in blah...blah..blah..)
Ifi: "Huh! You told me you'll be here in 30 minutes. It's 3 minutes only and you're here?"
Me: "It's better to be early than you change you're mind..hehe"
Ifi: "You're an addict! Wait in a minute."

To make the short story shorter. We order one BIG noodle soup and two siopao.
My sweet friend, Ifi. (the bloated me in the background)

The table. 

Everywhere is bright purple interiors and mirrors too. I managed not to took photo anymore because we both hungry during the time. The staff is friendly so it's a plus!

Free soup. Princess Yvonne Emoticons 5 

Singaporean Laksa Soup - P150. (good for 2)

It's super wow! The texture of noodles is very fine. You finish the noodles with full satisfaction. It's not really spicy but you can ask for additional chili sauce if you like.

Another photo view to crave more.

Ube Pao (meatball)

The siopao is very yummy. Unlike other siopao it's big but the meat is very thin.
Mr Ube, siopao is big inside and out. And very delicious too.
Sorry I forgot how much exactly it cost. More or less it's P55.

What are you waiting for?

Order now.

Mr Ube and Noddle House
#707 Ongpin Street, Binondo, Manila

I can't wait no more.

Diet is cheated. Again.

Thank you so much, Ifi dear.

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