The 'Lil Comic Story 4

Another photo update for my baby Jewel Blake! It was her 6 months and 10 days old. Later this week I will post another batch of her "The 'Lil Comic Story" book Chapter 5.


My baby was sooooo cute and chubby. As she grows up, I have noticed when everybody wasn't around she will cry. And if everyone was busy chatting or talking she listens and turns head to the person talking. 


I am a lucky mother of three. My first child was my son, Alek was thoughtfully sweet When he was 3 years old, he used to hug me every time he noticed that I am sad and will told me that everything will be ok.
My second child was my daughter Sydney was the shy type. Unlike any other kids, she chooses to step out of the crowd and observe. But Sydney likes to kiss and hug me and telling "I Love You's". 
My third child was Jewel Blake. My daughter was so amazing. She never annoyingly cried. Until her age right now she never cried too much. Only when she felt so alone or scared literally on her dreams. Even she woke up, she only played. When she asked for milk, she won't cry but murmuring some baby talk.

This is how she cried. The lips are sealed and only tears will shown. Best actress! Agree or what?

Oh my baby...oh my baby... I am missing you so bad. I am going home again to come and kiss you. I will be amazed of your surprised reaction once we met again. It was like you and me has a lot of common things. We smile, we giggled and we loved each other.

To the readers who missed the other chapters: The One, The Two, and The Three

Enjoy reading. Happy long weekend guys!
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