Unitop Christmas Party 2014

Wow, I can't believe it!

It's been a while of celebrating my four years of Christmas here in Unitop.

Now, what else has been updated? One more cute baby daughter, new house, and new debts. Lol. That is life. There is ups and downs but for sure we are walking bravely towards our dreams, right?

What else with Unitop as an employee? It's still the same. Nothing much has change aside from being so fat. Haha. It means I am eating all the way my problems in life. Actually it's not all so sweet. Some are bitter. Lol.

Congrats for staying my four years of Christmas celebration with my Unitop family.

I've got no picture to update only I can stole some from my friend Cherry. Got no new camera.

Here is some "stolen" pictures. Please note, editing is NOT allowed this time. Enjoy my stubborn fats! Hehe!

Yummy crabby! (With Anna)

(from L to R) Maricel, Neneth, Malou, Cherry, Shiela and Me!

Sorry this time no food picture. Waaahhh! 

Well, everything is a happy food. I enjoy much of them even with less food pic.

Find me....

If you can.....

With Chinese Gary, Rebecca and Neneth.

Last but not the least, with Shiela, Gary and Cherry.

That's all for the party. 

Thanks to the gifts I've got from the people who loves and not to forget me. How thoughtful and I feel so blessed. Thank you so much!!

Much thanks to my sister Joy who gave not only to me the Christmas happiness but also with my kids Alek, Sydney and JB! A big thanks to my brother Jerry to the gifts so ganda! Thanks to my office mates and friends Malou M., Neneth, Kim, Ronald, Sally, Madz, Shiela, Ruby, Carlyn, Ms Chua, Sir John, Ate Liza, Anna, Rufa, Karen, Cherry, and "Secret" Santa whoever you are! And of course to my young hero, J.O love you and thank you bebe.

 credit: Kapamilya logo

 Happy Holidays! Cheers!

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