Don't Act Like A Virgin. No please.

Hurray! Please I wasn't born to entertain stress. I'm here to give you the best of me to make you happy.

Well, if I fail then the door is wide open. I don't want to look down a man unless he is in between my legs, gets?

Disappointed but I need to focus. Yup, I forgive but I don't forget. Dissed me? I didn't forget.
This is life don't play games with me.. Because I can play better than you so don't dare.

I'm alright now. It's just a matter of adjustments. You know, some routine should be fucking change for better. Think I gotta text first to receive a text? I've dropped ya. Haven't talked in a while... Keep the big ass moving.

That face.

Yup, as I've said I just stop talking to them all together... Best way to be. (Slow clap)
No expectations. Never disappointed.

If you don't need me, I won't here to beg. 
So don't flatter yourself.
Just less people I gotta worry about.

Friendship + Food = Happiness

Best formula of being a human. We don't live longer so make the best effort to make yourself worthy.

There is a lump thoughts I hardly hold.
I knew it will take a little while for days but not for too long. This made me far better to be stronger.

Avoiding me is not a suicidal. Achievement unlocked. My life don't give a fuck about anything that will stressed me.
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