The Late But Not, Gerry's Poknat!

Slap! Slap! Slap! In the ass!
I knew it's late post but who cares, really?
Nobody noticed it because I'm solely reading my blog. Hassle free right? Yup, trying to talk on myself. And convincing myself too.

I might begin with Shierly's bdae which held on September 2, same day with my daughter though.

 The celebrant and me.

Of course, we had a good time together. The place is cool. It's held on Gerry's Grill in LuckyChina Town Mall. 

Ei, girl love yah!

Session begin.
Building more memories with you
Because you're leaving me, Kim.

The gang.

Waiting for food.

The crunchy and juicy fried boneless bangus

Pork Sinigang Soup with the famous Gerry's Grilled Sizzling Plate.

The overly romantic chicken.

For long life! Palabok.

Let's get ready to rumble!!


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