Feeling Expert?

It is very important that we should learn at least a basic dessert preparation after the main meal especially for our family.

I am not good at making dessert but I can guarantee one hundred one percent of my talent to cook good food though. Maybe I am a kind of lazy when it comes of dessert preparation, I dunno why but maybe not interested much.

Last night, I told my close friends, Rufa and Ritchel to teach me some simple dessert recipe. I don't need to be an expert, I am just "feeling expert". Hehe.

Graham's Mango Float

(note: ingredients might come into colorful pictures and cartoonizer us girls.) -_-
credit: befunky

Crushed Grahams

Grahams Cracker (2packs)

Sweetened Thick Cream

Sweetened Condensed Creamer

Sweet Mango (4pcs) or more if you like...


The Preparation slash procedure: wtf!

 First step, cam-whoring.

Ritchel together with the ingredients. Hehe.

#1 Let the butter melt.

#2 Simmer the butter together with the combined thick and condensed cream.

#3 Keep the stuff stirred until thickens.

#4 (Strategy: Let your close friend do the thing for you. Tehehe!) 

#5 Be self-centered.

#6 Enjoy and cam-whore to death.

#7 More of awesomeness.

Set aside the thicken milk/creamier. Then find a medium storage or whatever of your choice.
 Pile the graham cracker (first layer), then pour the thicken milk on top. Put the thin slice of mango on top of milky graham. Sprinkled graciously with the crushed graham. That's it, guys! Very easy, right or what? You can make a layered pile of Graham cracker as many as you want. Then put the finish product in the fridge. I will show you one by one the ingredients.

Thin slice of mango

Crushed Graham

This is what I am talking, guys. No need for the spoon feeding coz it is very easy. No breaking of brains.

The finished product. It looks not nicer as what you may think of. But wait until you taste it! =)

Enjoy the food trip!

More Love. More Fun. More Food.
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