The Wake

People born, people live and people die.

The span of life was limited. We don't live longer. No money can save lives. Everyone dies.

After the 2 days funeral wake visit during my office mate's uncle that has been died cause by liver cancer, I have realized many things. Life was really a borrowed gift from above. We live once so we must enjoy every bit with our loved ones. During the prayers, my inner soul was like craving. Yes, true I am a real sinner but it is not too late to revive the goodness from  within.

No assurance. Live like it was last today.

Day One.

Sanctuarium located along Quezon City. Click! 

Not much of cam-whoring with Carlyn.

I didn't took much of photos because I feel kinda weird.

So perhaps a few could tell.

Inside the Sanctuarium.

The place was so nice and creepy. Almost Chinese peeps was walking around. But I am sure no poor can afford this memorial service. That's life make sad. Poor people don't focus with this "end matter" because they're busy looking for something to eat. :(

Inside Sanctuarium

The rest room so clean and glass art was cool.

Mass was ended and we took dinner so late like 9:30pm. Time to go home. 

Everyone so tired.

Tired toes

Going home much tiring due to traffic -_-
Along UST road, Manila



It was the last day of vigil before the cremation. And it was my boss birthday too--Sir Johnny. It happens to give two prayers, one for the final journey of his uncle and for his bdae celebration as well.

Sir Johnny with his friends.

Happy 33rd Bdae, boss!

I would like to have this opportunity of having you as my superior. You are so nice and helpful. You have the open heart and you eagerly listens. Its hard to find such a wonderful male boss like you, Sir Johnny. I am wishing you a fruitful and a kind life. God bless you.

A Chinese word with a name on it. I'd asked Sir Johnny, he said all the peeps who gave/donate for his uncle was written there for the blessing and appreciation.

 Dinner. I'd finished 2 crabs. Woosshhh!

Boy bawang.

Going home with Carlyn. One of my office mate complained why the damn escalator so f* slow. Duh, this is not a mall. It's slow coz it's for the funeral thing. Haha!

End of story. 

Lesson, never let go every single day of your life wasted. Love more, learn more and be humble. After life, there is no territory, there is no more pain. All will go back to dust. I may not sounds like this before, weird if my friends might read this post yet I am also human and I love my God and I do believe that one day we all rest beside Him. 

To God be the glory.


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