Word of Hope

Happy Tuesday everyone!

It's September 24 already time flew so fast. It means God will come soon. But no one will know.

Every minute of my life, I have been busy with work and my career. I almost forgot to spend time with God. I have realized that every people living on this earth should have precious time with the Lord. I can do nothing if God won't help me. During those bad times of my life, no one can encourage me to be happy. God permitted me.

Dear readers, if you're in the state of depression as of this moment pray to God. God will comfort you. Many times of my life I have been wanting to be loved. I always asked God why He allowed me to suffer this feeling. But God gave me enough time to make me realized to love myself first. Yes now I am happy. It is not the person who can give the love that we long. It is God that can provide us true love and peace of mind.

God finally answered my prayers. He gave me the person the true person that can love me back. A love that filled with abundance of trust. It is not powered by money but I am happy. It is not the money that can give us happiness. It is the faith love that can give me security. A secured heart that can love only me. I thought that love can be practical. Nope. Living this world is temporary. All I've seen was only imagination in God's time. The true and pure love coming from our God. It is a life that we should build in God's grace.

If only people follow God's rule no one will destroy each other. No human power. Only God's power. No war, only a soldier of God. No poverty, only comfort from God so it means simple life. If people not exceeding his limits to gain all what he want, no one will be obsessed of worldly things.

Jealousy, anger, impatient and money. It's the humans mind set. As they said, jealousy is when you count someone else blessings instead of your own. Count your blessing that God's given. Your family is God's blessings. Your good health. Your kids. Let God handle your life. Don't rush over things. Waiting time is never a wasted time. True faith is waiting for the fulfillment of God's promises in God's time. Sometimes we are so impatient in asking something from God. Let God mold it in His hands. God's powerful hands hatched in due time. Not half nor over cooked. Patience is a calm endurance based on the certain knowledge that God is in control.

Smile because God love us.

Anger killed hearts. Move on. Let us be happy. Let your enemy be happy. Pray for them. Let the spirit of God empowered our heart. Anger is the feeling inside that burns our heart. Let the sacred heart of Jesus lived in our heart.

Money is the root of evil. Don't let money guide your life. Live life so simple. What God can give, money can't build. Money can not buy true peace. Money can't buy happiness. Put God first. Let God be our priority. Because God will not settle for anything less. God is not asking anything from you. Not your power, money or fame. Is there anything in your life that you are trying to withhold from God? Is there anything that is it going to hurt if God has to pay it out of your hands? Give up on something you prior of before God. Time. God only ask for a time to pray. Praying is talking to God.

I am not perfect. I might have hurt someone. I am sorry. I am trying my best to be a good person and if it is not, trying to be a fair human. I have sinned many times. I am sorry. I am not begging for someone to understand me. God understand. God forgive me. I have three kids and God can only judge me. No one can flame my shortcomings. God knows I can handle. I never blamed what life I am having now. God has a better plan for me. And only Him is my salvation.

Dear readers, seek for God. I will share to you this word of hope if you're heart is in trouble. Find peace and worship.

Word of Hope Word of Hope

A life of faith is always willing to sacrifice. 

I believe in the power of prayers.

I need prayer         I want to pray
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