Kuya J Restaurant

Have you ever got someone to treat you a 100% for free? That friend of yours, trying to find time just to spend some moments with you. Even there are times you have to refuse because you owe a lot from them? 

Yet still, they got you no matter what happened etc. It's hard to find them. But I am too lucky to have it.

Her name is Sally. A true friend thru thick n thin.
I am the thick, obviously she's the thin. Lmao.

 What's up doc? lol.

She invited me for a dinner in Kuya J! Another virginal experience. Yup, it's kinda nice going to a place new to me. Haha!

Pabebe mode.

I've got nothing to contribute (as usual). I've got pictures to share for the memories, instead.

Hungriness to the highest level.

But still....

Patience is a virtue. 

The best among the rest! Lechon Kawali!

A must try! It's their best seller.

Milk fish soup in tamarind. Asim kilig!

The Dynamite.
 Green chili with sausage and cheese inside. Beware! 
Too hot and cheesy to handle like me. Lol.

Everything above is too awesome for $20.

Affordable or what? Dunno. Sally is it?

Her: Just eat. There is no next time. 


Feel at home guys!

It's only here at Kuya J Restaurant.

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