Bashing Bdae Kate

Home birthday or swimming party?

Home? Swimmimg? Swimming? Home?

Err! Finally, we got a choice! A swimming party for Kate's 2nd birthday celeb.

After we kept our silence for two days last November 01 and 02, we don't even celebrated our spooky halloween treat that day but decided to get Kate a memorable and splashy party. Thursday of November 04, I went for a drowsy market wtf! I got home myself at 1:30 pm with an empty stomach but never mind because I was also excited with the anticipated overnight party.

Yay! I started pulling time so I can marinate some ingredients so the flavor will all mix in. Alas! The end result, all the invited was a guaranteed stomach satisfaction. And I would like to thank of course, the grand cook - Baby! He never failed our tongue. =)

So here we go! Note, photos might cause you envy. Just swallow the contents of this blog. Good luck!

Ooops... did I missed your face, baby? Oh, I thought it was dad Carlo, no it's Dracula.

And so here's the list for the Halloween themed party.

1. Kiddie Yum Pork barbeque.

( Mistakenly put the marshmallow wtf! absent minded!)

Tip for a delicious/savory bbque: marinate the pork overnight

Another thing, don't put the mallows it burns, the pork cook for 10 mins.

The marinated pork.

2. Hotdog for kids!

Yes, of course any kids would like to have a hotdog!

In preparation with the hotdog and pork barbeque comes to a similar thing - Stick! Got me, myself and I to insert the stuff alone. Whew! I just need a hand.

Mad busy hand... I mean smooth hands. Lol.

3. Sinugbang Tilapia (grilled tilapia)

4. Beef Kaldereta
Sorry, I didn't take a good snap of my own yummilicious-spicy beef kaldereta.

Tip: If you prefer beef for your kaldereta must use the pressure cooker so the nommers will enjoy every soft bite.

5. Biko (Rice Cake)

Mmmm... not so sweet but the terderness melts on our tongue. Craving for more!

6. Fruit Salad
Dated today, November 08 we still have a plate of salad on the fridge. Hahaha! Slow eaters.

7. Unripe Mango

A must! Too much sweetness of some food can shrink your taste so have a bite.

8. Strawberry Juice

Sureness, the party is quite a horror so let them drink a bloody juice.


But we forgot to take a photo of our special noodles, the pancit bihon and spaghetti pasta. To acquire the idea rather than imagining ( for my foreign readers), I take some pictures on other sources. Here.

9. Spaghetti Pasta

Yummeeh! Credit image.

10. Pancit Canton


And the most self-centered Barbie Cake.

Still unpacked.

Don't forget the giveaways. Ahem, watch the particular disposition of troops.



Before the party, Kate already "practiced" some swimming tricks. Of course, with the help of Sydney.

Nice shot! Credit to Natie.

Ahh... so wide a kind of pool.

Kate's seems enjoying.

Kate: " This pool not good for two kids"
Sydney: "Then you get out!"

Kate: " Now, I am gonna hit you this!"
Sydney: " You said, if you can."

Sydney: " Uhm! I will hit your fat ass!"

Kate: " Naaahhh!"
Sydney: "Ok, stop it's your bdae."

"Let us scare ourselves to death... baaahhhh!"

"Boring games. Let us try cabinet climbing."

Lol. Kids these days...

WAIT! Where is Kate's mother btw?

I see...busy...photo addict!

Ahem, the handsome cook.

Preparing for the Pancit.

Showing a gift looks like I am proposing for something.

Laugh out loud.

Accepted, Kate was so pretty. Carlo's eyes agreed.

Anticipating happiness.

Happy Birthday, Kate!

Blowing of candle.


All in black (infant is exempted). Lol.

More of photos.

Ahem... eating or picture 4rever?

Motherhood images. Lol.

Some couple of pix.

Having a moment with a handsome, dad Carlo.

I don't like this pix but Sydney was so pretty here.

Dad's tight hug.


There goes the swim wear attire portion.

The busy mom.

The macho.


Mad happy.

But I wanna sleep, it's 3:02am here.


Guys pack up! Time to go home. But wait, more cam-whoring.

Needed a break. Carlo is complaining.

Carlo shut-up then let us cam-whore more.

He even volunteered to take a photo for us.

So we take advantage.

Aargh! Feeling like devil. Lol.

Someone hit me! haha!

Non-stop cam whoring but Carlo stopped (near right!) then John Alexander take our photos. Yipee!

Nice job, Alek. hehe.

We posed more and let Carlo irritated but the camera get tired and maybe annoyed too..LOW BATTERY! Hahaha! And then we go home happily ever after.

But wait, natie striked for a last one.

Hahaha! Addicts!

Here's more....very last.

Ps: nice icon.love it.here.

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