Nowhere To Go!

As usual, we don't know how to kill time.

Watching television ... cook ... eat ... shower ... yell ... sleep ...

All of the above was our regular routine, except sometimes we visit some relatives. Aside from that, we go to mall. Not shopping! Just to chillax! Of course, EAT!

Here we go! Going to our fav mall.


Troopang Kulot (Curly Troops) are ready! yay!

The nanny and Obama's grand kid. Wahahaha!

Sydney: " Very nice hair extension lah!"
Kate: "Shoo! Go away, envious!"

"Can everyone tell me I did justice with my hair?!"


The sad truth... one fish forgot how to breathe.

Sydney in her "must be concerned face".

The "uzi" or known as usisero. In english, kibitzer! Watching how was it when the fish suffer from drowning. Hehe.

No one can miss the cam-whoring.

Lookin' around @ RFC, we bought some dress for girls, sorry didn't put the photo gonna update on Xmas! Wohoho!

Xmas was in the air. Hmmm...

Whenever I see girls and boys Selling lanterns on the street I remember the child in the manger as he sleeps.

Hint: Christmas in our hearts. Click!

Hey, girls! Let's take pix pleaseee..




Ei, Sydney where is Kate? Solo model?

The I don't wanna picture girl.


To please the kids.

And this one was like.. oh please! lol.

Kate: "Wait, let me start the engine"
Sydney: " Hello, we don't have tokens"



tip 1: Safety driving don't let your mother join.

tip 2: Don't use rainbow sock to avoid accident.

See ... the shocked face of Kate. Next time, wear plain sock. Lol.

The ever ready cam whore.

Kate: " Don't let me go, please."
Sydney: "No worries, later alligator!"

And there goes the mother alligator.

More of alligators...wahaha! Poor gators, can you people leave and go?!

Sydney suddenly realized to shift another game.

Every1 enjoy.

Comparing of manicures or what?

Pressing the button with all kate's heart.

Which one is Kate and not one is Sydney?

Ok, lah! That's for tonite.


P/s: Congratulations, Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao! Check!
Very belated but Filipinos are so proud of you!!!

“Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live.”

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