November Tats

Today is the last day of November. So I waived goodbye! Bye, November 2010!

Another shelf of past... another part of memories...

Wohoohoo! Tomorrow is day one of December. Very nice because on December 03, my brothers home coming! And of course, will come with his new tats.


Iniatially, I was OMFG what's going on with my brother? Is he insane...? Or heart broken? What kind of thoughts he's having... thoughtless? Lol. Anyway, I try to calm my senses. Basically, trying to catch some air from my lungs. Anticipating to faint any moment.

"Jing, don't ever trying to do some mess on your skin.. I mean, flawless skin." Yeah, I remember that words four years ago from my brother. Because I am the one who loved tats so much. I plan to put some scorpion tats on my pulse. So at the day of my last moment on earth, the doctor that will check my pulse gonna impress with my red scorpion tattoo. Sounds mad.

Well, what else? I have nothing to do except admire him for his new tats. I hate it!!! I hate because I don't have any single but I am gonna put soon. Hehehe. I plan to do some tats on my pulse, of course my red scorpion. Another on my right foot, combination of my kids name as SydAlek... very nice!

Ahem, his handsomeness! The fisherman! Lol! It's Gideon,brother loves!

Ei, Gideon is it painful or blissful? Where's your hand? wtf! hehe.

The Trying-Not-To-Cry Face

Wahahaha! I must be sure how bitter, take note BITTER he was now. He can't bring back lost time. Tattoo is there like shadow forever. He hates tattoo. But look, he put a red gelatin something or a ready to eat fish on his right arm. Don't worry, my beloved brother you won't be alone. Let me join you next year sure. Hmm, i will put a tweety bird perhaps? hahaha!


No more penny... poor man!






Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero. ~Marc Brown
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