Call me a bitch!

Some people just trying to be nice even their inside was so against of you, right?

I am disappointed, obviously. If you we're not comfortable with the way I acted on you then you should not pretend being nice I would be happy if you would approach me bad rather than having a heavy fake smile fucking be good if you we're NOT!

We're just faking the whole time together. Wasting your lousy non-sense thoughts with me. Well, I really blamed myself why I am heading a very pretending years with you. I am not angry man. I just wanted to share this horrible experienced with some bitch who we're too good in pretending.

I would not accused you with your past. Past is past. I don't like to know who fucked you first or fucked you better. Who's interested? Even the lifeless beggar on street won't mind such indecent stories of your sex life. Yes, I would tell I am better of that too. But who damn cares?

If you like to be treated some small respect do it yourself. Don't drag anyone when you we're caught with your vulgar photos. Prove it yourself than you're not the one you are acting for. Yes, I have my bad past that's why I am making some useful improvements out of me. Look at you man, you're telling everybody you're not doing nasty things over your past yet you're complaining when one of your not-so-decent pictures posted on the famous Facebook. Hello! If you really don't want to be treated so low then behave! What you would expect with your out of wedlock "husband" if he saw your lewd activities? You we're claiming you're not making sluttish act. Should'nt you NOT!

I am a mother of two. Both of my kids are a father of two guys. But I am trying not to make any move that my kids would be ashamed of their mother with my flirtish, whorish, and bitchy pose on any world wide web networking site especially the famous Facebook. Am I wrong? Really?? Look at the bigger pictures please.

These kind of people really pissed me off. Behave. Restrain. Respect. Is it hard? Well, I don't wanna take further stress. I am busy with my life now. I mean professionally busy man. I realized that these people are fucking full of shit! You'd be immediately called a dog, brainwashed, ignorant, stupid etc.

I thought you're smart as you we're claiming to death?! Very arrogant. Oh sure, that's why you got a tons of gold medals on your achievements. Some deserves of you. A stupid-sillyguy too. I can't believe how gullible he is!

Clap your hands! Here comes the perfectly, very virgin ass, not to immoral and flawless character! I wanna cry to death because you're too perfect man. Oooppss, did I say death? No way, highway! Not worthy to be mention.

Thank but no thanks after all of your effortless faking treatment. Such a fucking thanksless job.

Have a life, bitch! Fuck you very much!

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