The Storm Falcon

I was on my way home yesterday June 23 the day I wouldn't forget. For the first time I was stranded on a heavy traffic and stormy moment. From Espana, Manila to Welcome, Rotonda I'd freakingly walked to a waist-water road. OMG! I wondered if I can walked to my way home. I suddenly felt worried for my mother I knew she would be more worried-to-death because apparently I can't send her a text message because my phone was totally dead.

So, when I started walking in between the flood I saw a middle-aged woman and approached her. I couldn't imagine walking alone. The said lady which named Ana was so delightfully change a sweet smile. So to cut the story short, we both walk in the middle of nowhere because we both not familiar with the place. After a one and a half hour walking and amazed (too!) with the number of vehicles stranded, we both felt some at least courage to walk more. The funny story, I wanted to pee then Ana told me: "Enjoy your pee, no one can notice because it's all flood." Hahaha! But then I looked to somewhere where I can have my "nature call".

Then finally, we found out ourselves standing in the main road of Quezon Avenue. Alas! Thank you Lord! So Ana and me happily went home. 

Lesson learned, use you common sense in the time like this. Don't just wait for the next event. Strive for your own success and survival. More importantly, pray more. I was so overwhelmed when I get back home with my kids hugs and kisses  and with my mother's prayer.

“The world is a stage, but the play is badly cast.” - Oscar Wilde

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